IO Planning to Digging in Fortnite Island

IO Planning to Digging in Fortnite Island: The rumored news about IO making a comeback in Fortnite is almost confirmed to be true, and there is enough evidence around the internet, to prove it as well. IO and Dr.Slone were prominent characters during Chapter 2 in Fortnite.

The entire possibility of IO coming back has set the discussions in Fortnite going and if you are one of them, you are at the right place. We at have put together this article about what is going on IO digging the Fortnite island.

IO Planning to Digging in Fortnite Island: Know Why?

It is time to revisit the past of Fortnite a little, in the ending of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. The Foundation has saved Agent Jones and the loopers. The Foundation has saved them by taking them to the flip side of the map. Dr.Slone and IO were the characters that were left behind. And seems like they are finally catching up. which means things in Fortnite are about to get very interesting. Buckle Up, Players.

At this point, it is super easy to know that IO has so much unfinished with The Seven of Fortnite and is coming back to settle scores. IO wants to come back and take control, and exploit the Zero Point in Fortnite. But gaining power is only possible if the loop stays intact, then IO can take full advantage of the Zero Point.

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But The Seven being the good guys want to end this once and for all. And they can do so, by setting the Zero Point Free, and once the Zero Point is free, the loop will come to an end. If this is all to happen, the Seven has to certainly stop IO from coming back. But IO and Dr.Slone have already started digging. They are bringing the action to the flip side of the Fortnite island and will be making their way to Artemis.

IO Planning To Digging In Fortnite Island
IO Planning To Digging In Fortnite Island

IO & Dr.Slone Digging in Fornite Island – But Why :

IO and Dr.Slone digging in Fortnite island were supposed to be a close kept secret from the developers Epic Games. But the leakers have found their way around and there is evidence backing up the leaks as well. According to many of the leaks that are circulating on the Internet.

IO and Dr.Slone will start digging beneath the map and will reach the Artemis in a few days. These days will also be spotted across Fortnite island. The rumored digging spots are a total number of Five, and these digging spots will be guarded by IO guards as well.

When the update V19.01 has dropped to the game of Fortnite, it silently started the process of digging beneath the island as well. Over time, all the spots will be visually more clear. And all the NPCs and IO agents will soon make their way into the flip side. Mythic Stinger SMG will bring the big BAD THE IO BOSS to the flip side of the map.

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IO & Dr.Slone Digging in Fortnite: What are they called?

Fortnite always finds a way or two and pays extra attention while naming the places on Fortnite island. And this time around it’s the same case. Based on some popular and reliable leaks, there will be a total number of five drilling spots on the Fortnite island and every single one of those spots already have a name allotted to them. And they are as follows :

  • Mole Team: Omega ( Drill spot 1)
  • Mole Team: Ryder (Drill spot 2)
  • Mole Team: Dash (Drill spot 3)
  • Mole Team: Epsilon(Drill spot 4)
  • Mole Team: Raven (Drill spot 5)
IO Digging in Fortnite
IO Planning To Digging In Fortnite Island

And one among these five locations will serve as the spawn for the Mythic boss. The name of the particular location is still a mystery. And there is a cool little detail, that can be noticed, all the first letters of the drill spots put together will be called ORDER. This might be a slight hint on what to expect while moving forward in the ongoing Chapter 3 of Fortnite. This might be a secret mission or a storyline, that will connect all the dots eventually.

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