Fortnite x Cobra Kai Tournament For Sprays 2022

Fortnite X Cobra Kai Tournament: Fortnite always has exciting news for its fans. This time around, after collaborating for Spider-Man: No Way Home with Marvel Studios, now Fortnite is teaming up with a hit and popular show on Netflix – Cobra Kai. With the collaboration with Cobra Kai, the tournaments are also coming back to Fortnite. The tournaments are coming back but they do not have many exciting or big prizes, but they are having all the Cobra Kai-themed items for free.

There are some amazing free cosmetic rewards as well. And it is important to know that, this Tournament will not be last, and there will be many more in the near future. Fortnite X Cobra Kai tournament is a perfect example, of how there will be tournaments. Players can take complete advantage and earn many free cosmetics and rewards. In this article, we at the official panda, have covered everything you need to know about Cobra Kai and Fornite Tournament.

Fortnite X Cobra Kai Tournament
Fortnite x Cobra Kai Tournament

Fortnite X Cobra Kai Tournament – All Valley Cup

The Fortnite X Cobra Kai Tournament is now called as All Valley Cup. They are very easy to participate in and earn many rewards. But the present All Valley Cup is a little different. The current Cobra Kai collaboration is already ongoing. So, players will have the opportunity of Free Sprays. and there are three varieties of sprays.

Here are the three varieties of sprays that players can get :

  • Miyagi-do Spray
  • Cobra Kai Spray
  • Eagle Fang Spray

If you are unsure about what an All Valley Cup is, we have you covered -All Valley Cup is a completely Solo tournament open to players from Fortnite Server seven regions, and there are no restrictions on platforms. Players from all platforms can participate in the All Valley Cup. And once, the tournament begins – Players will have a total time of 3 hours and the players will need to complete ten matches, during this time.

And at the end of three hours, based on their performances, eliminations, and placements, players will have a leaderboard placement. If you are interested in competing in the All Valley Cup, all you have to do is head on to the “Compete” and wait for your region time to go live.

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Here are the specific region time windows across the globe :

  • Europe – 3 PM to 6 PM GMT
  • NA East – 5 PM to 8 PM ET
  • NA West – 5 PM to 8 PM PT
  • Brazil – 6 PM to 9 PM BRT
  • Asia – 6 PM to 9 PM JST
  • Middle East – 5 PM to 9 PM AST
  • Oceania – 7PM to 10PM AEDT

A Victory Royale during the All Valley Cup will award the players 30 points and each elimination is worth a point. And all the sprays and cosmetics will be awarded in tiers based on the player’s placement in respective regions. The top half of players from the seven regions will be earning the Cobra Kai spray. While the top 30% of competitors will earn the Miyagi-do spray. And finally, the top 10% of each region will be rewarded with the Eagle Fang spray and the other ones as well.

Fortnite X Cobra Kai Tournament
Fortnite x Cobra Kai Tournament

Cobra Kai X Fortnite Tournament – All Valley Cup Date

Fortnite and its developers have announced the date, of the All Valley Cup. The prestigious Copa All Valley de Fortnite Battle Royale will go live on January 8th(Saturday), and the times for seven regions are already mentioned earlier in this article.


01. Is participating in the All Valley Cup necessary?

No, it is not completely necessary for the players.

02. What are the ranking systems in the All Valley Cup?

There are three rankings and all of the rankings are different and independent for each region.

03. Where can we watch Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai is available to stream on Netflix and all four seasons are available to stream.

04. Will there be any more tournaments like the All Valley Cup in the future?

Yes, Fortnite is known for tournaments like that and there will be many in the coming days.

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