Battlefield 2042 Active Players in 2022

Battlefield 2042  Active Players 2022: Battlefield 2042, is one of the most anticipated games to come out in 2021. The game certainly did not live up to the mark for its fans. Calling the launch of Battlefield 2042, rough would be very understating. Since the game launch, players have been quitting the game and so many of them have stopped playing the game. Recently, the active number of players present in the game has come out and it’s shocking, to say the least.

When initially, a select group of players was given early access to the game. The reviews came in very negatively. Many players have complained and were of the opinion that, the game is not yet ready. And should probably postpone the launch. But the developers have stuck to the original launch date of November 19. And when the game finally came out and into the hands of many gamers around the world. It was panned severely and received a very negative response. Sooner, the game went on to become one of the worst games in Steam History as well.

And since the negative reviews came out, the game started to face, a very long uphill battle. The game was crushing for many and for some, the game would not even let them play. And there is an actual list, that has all the bugs in Battlefield 2042.  And after its launch, the game started to lose even more, after two weeks, the game has lost close to 70% + players on steam. There are streams that were not even counted and yet somehow on just steam, the game has lost its majority of its players, in under 3 weeks.

Battlefield 2042 Active Players
Battlefield 2042 Active Players

The majority of the positive that game has is going at the present, the game currently has close to 10,000 more players than Battlefield V. Battlefield was released way back in 2015. If this is positive, the game is being outperformed and beaten by Farming Simulator, Payday 2, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Battlefield 2042 Active Players

After continuously losing its player base and falling down. The game has been constantly losing players from November 3rd week and the average player the game has is 50,000 players. Cut to the December and the year ending- the game only has 12,000 players across the globe, and there were times, the count of players was less than that.

Battlefield 2042 Active Players
Battlefield 2042 Active Players

Not just the players, the game has not satisfied the investors as well. The game and its parent company of developer shares have fallen down by 18%. Since the launch of the game, Battlefield 2042 – the player base was completely irked by the state of the game, but not the content the game has come out with. Battlefield 2042 has vast rich content that can be explored days on- but the constant state of bugs is the biggest spoilsport of the entire scenario.

The biggest winner of the entire Battle Royale scenario of AAA games is the rival shooter game -Halo. Up until the launch of Halo Infinite, the game was not carrying any sort of buzz, around it. Halo Infinite has released after a week, after the launch of Battlefield 2042. And since, the game has completely outplayed Battlefield 2042. Many players started to shift to the world of Halo Infinite. And one of the biggest factors, that contributed to the success of Halo was – Halo Infinite was entirely free to play. While Battlefield 2042 costs a costly 60$ and doesn’t even deliver and comes without a campaign program as well.

After the entire shift of players from Battlefield 2042 to Halo Infinite, Dice and the team of developers have been working relentlessly and the game has been receiving a lot of updates. There was a rumor that Dice has put its entire concentration on Battlefield 2042 and wants to change course and bring back, the players. And looks like they are already on the right path. After the last update, the game experience has drastically increased. There is a rumored update that is said to drop in a few weeks from now, and would most probably be out by end of January or a little later.

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