Where Can I find Apples in Genshin Impact

Where can I find Apples in Genshin Impact: Apples play a vital role in Genshin Impact. As they restore health while playing. One apple provides the players with a total of 300 health per one serve. Apples also do help in completing some of the challenges within the game. That being said it is pretty much obvious that there is a very emerging need for the apples in the game.

But some of the players find it hard to find the apples. Almost all of the time or we can say at those times. When they are needed the most in the game. But nothing to worry about. As we are there to help you out of this trouble of finding apples in the genshin impact.

Places Where Can I find Apples in Genshin Impact

Where can I find Apples in Genshin Impact

Apples can be found in many places in the game. But we will guide you towards each place under this article. Apples are mostly found around Mondstadt. There are several other places also. Where you can find the apples in the game. Apples can also be found in a basket, shelves, and crates in the game. You just need to be very attentive.

When you are looking for apples in the game. As it is pretty much known that apples are something very important in the game. For survival benefits and many more so it won’t be easily found in the game. As we all know that something which is having a bigger use is also rare. That being said the apples are not easy to find in this game. But we are here to help you out as always.

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Apples are also an ingredient for several recipes. There are plenty of places in the game where you can find the apples. Here is a list of all the places in the game. Where the chances of finding apples in the game are high than in the rest of the locations within the game.

  •  Stormbearer mountains 

The stormbearer mountains are such a place. Where you can find the apples in the game for your survival and for any other challenges in the game most easily. Or we can say in these mountains there are more chances to find the apples than that of the other places within the game. On this mountain, you need to go to the teleportation spot. Once you reach there then you need to head towards the west and go towards the path. At that spot, you will find 3 apples on the tree. After that you just keep on walking towards the forest there you will find another tree from which you can get apples.

  • Altar in Qingce village

This village is also amongst those spots within the game. Where you can get apples to overcome the hurdles in the game. Now in this village under the western teleportation waypoint of this village, You will find a shrine with an altar. Now after that, You need to climb the hill. Once you are done with climbing the hill. On top of the hill, you will find 5 apples.

  • Guili plains

Nowhere for some more apples, You need to teleport towards the Guili plains. Once you have teleported to the told location. You need to head towards the right side and go over the hill and once you have gone over the hill. You will see a wooden bridge. Once you are over crossing the wooden bridge. You will see an apple tree over your right side and from there you can get some more apples in the game. For challenges and ingredients. 

Hopefully, there are plenty of apples all over the mapping in this game to be unleashed. For several challenges which game offers to its players within the game. In addition, The above-given guide will help you uncover every hurdle. Which you must be facing regarding where to find the apples in the game.

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