Does Valorant Work on Windows 11 ?

Valorant Work on Windows 11: So Valorant is one of the most played games in the world. And recently there is a piece of heartbreaking news came for Valorant players. So those who have updated their windows from windows 10 to windows 11. There is some error coming to the windows 11 players. And this is a harsh but sad reality that most people are facing. And a lot of players are also asking me that does Valorant works on windows 11, And the answer is NO the Valorant doesn’t work in window 11. So if you are one of them, Valorant players then this article will definitely help you to play it without an error in windows 11.

Do Windows 10 players are facing issues?

So this is the true statement and obviously that windows 10 players have no issue with this at all. but they also can read this article so that if they have a further plan in converting their window 10 to windows 11 they will not be disturbed in playing Valorant on their PC or laptop or whatever you are using right now for playing Valorant. So this article is on how you can fix the Valorant error coming up on windows 11. This is one of the most important topics that our website is covering up.

Valorant Work on Windows 11
Valorant Work on Windows 11

Error on Windows 11 player

So if you are one player who gets errors while playing Valorant just make sure that you read the article completely and get your solution of getting errors while playing Valorant in windows 11. But you have to read the article carefully and follow the steps accordingly without any mistakes that I am gonna tell you further in this article.  And if you like the article just make sure that your friends don’t miss this article and how it will they don’t miss this article is just by sharing this with your friends. Who is struggling with the same issue as other users in the whole globe?

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Does Valorant work on windows 11?

So first of all ignoring the fact that I have previously mentioned this, I wanna make it clear once again for those who are not familiar with the question that does Valorant works on windows 11? So once again I am telling you that Valorant is running smoothly only on windows 10 but for windows 11 it is unable to the coup. Maybe it is a ban or something like that. But no issue I am gonna tell you that how you can cover up this issue of error in playing Valorant in windows 11 on your PC.

Why does Valorant work on windows 11?

Riot Games has updated its anti-cheat system to include support for the latest versions of Windows 11. This update is made to prevent players from cheating the device ID or hardware of their choice.

The first step to fix the error of Valorant in windows 11

So the first step to fix the error of Valorant in windows 11 is. Just open up your file explorer and navigate to the drive on which you have placed your game. Programs files > Riot games > Valorant > live. And here you have to right-click the r5Apex.exe applications. And after that go to its properties. In the compatibility tab, make sure to run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7. And disable your full-screen optimizations. Do not forget to apply your changes. You can then close this window and right-click your desktop to get your display settings.

Or just simply open up your settings and search for display. in your display settings, make sure that the scaling is set to 100% and that you are using your normal Native resolution. Crash-on start-up problems are often caused by an outdated windows version, especially when you are one of them who are using Windows 11, or by an outdated graphic driver. I suggest you use the GeForce Experience application. Of you are using an NVIDIA GPU. ut you can also use the AMD driver suite. In the drivers’ tab, simply click on the download. Then the application will automatically be downloaded within few times.

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Update your GPU driver

Make sure to update your GPU driver at the latest every few months to get the most out of your hardware. You should also make sure that not to overclock your graphics card. This can lead to startup issues for games on Windows 11. To update your operating system search for updates to open up your check for updated system setting windows. Here, click on check for updates, Download or install now. In order to install the update to your system. This step could in some cases already fix the crash on startup issues of Valorant on windows 11.

Valorant Work on Windows 11
Valorant Work on Windows 11

If the problem persists in Valorant on windows 11.

But in case your problem persists then you will need to reinstall Riot Vanguard to your system which is recommended by riot itself. To do so search for the control panel in your start menu search to open up your control panel. Make sure to view by category and under programs clicks on uninstall a program.

In this list of applications, select any program and start typing Rioy Vanguard. The Riot Vanguard application will show up. Right-click the app and select uninstall. Which will take a second to do so. After relaunching Valorant your launcher will be updated and your van play Valorant on windows 11 on your PC.

So here I came up with this article for Does Valorant work on windows 11. So if you like this article or if you were searching for an article for this topic. Then just share it with all your friends. And in case you find any difficulties while fixing the problem you can let me know down below in the comments. I will definitely try to help you.

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