How to Use BR Class Chip in COD Mobile 2022

How to Use BR Class Chip in COD Mobile. Hello, guys if you are also wanting the answer to the same question you are in the right place. In today’s article, we are going to cover each and every detail about the class chip in COD mobile. Most of the guys know that class chip is used to upgrade your pre-selected class in one of the seasonal missions. By using this class chip you guys can upgrade your class in one of the seasonal missions. As we know different kinds of seasonal missions are always arriving at COD mobile in all the latest updates. So you can use this class chip for that reason also.

In the same article, we will also tell you the locations of class chips. On the isolated map in COD mobile. These chips are located all over the map we are going to tell you all the specific locations regarding the isolated map. Currently, Call of Duty mobile, season 9 nightmare is bringing the new Halloween theme to the game. For the same reason, they are also bringing new cosmetics to the game. And for the season and there are various missions in featured seasonal as well as the daily events also.

How to Use BR Class Chip in COD Mobile
How to Use BR Class Chip in COD Mobile

One of the missions is to use 10 class chips, in Battle Royale matches. Battle Royale (BR) class provides participants with a unique skill that they can use at any time during the game. In COD Mobile, there are 11 different BR classes to choose from, and the class chip objective can be completed with any of them. Although some of the goals are as easy as playing five battle royale matches, others, such as looting five airdrop goods in battle royale matches, may be slightly more difficult. 

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How to use BR Class Chip in COD Mobile

The very first thing you have to do to complete this mission is to launch the game on your smartphone. Now you have to click on the event tab in the lobby. Clicking on the event have you will see the three different types of events in front of. Featured events seasonal events and daily events also, among these three events you have to click on the seasonal event. You have to click on the royal specialist tab in the seasonal event. In this tab, you will find  “how to use the class chip in BR?” Mission. Simply you have to click on the go button beside the mission. You will be able to complete this mission.

BR Class Chip in COD Mobile
BR Class Chip in COD Mobile

Players will need to join a COD Mobile battle royale match to complete this assignment. Once you’ve landed, you can equip any of the 11 BR classes. On the map, look for places highlighted with light purple squares. On the map, these indicate where the Chip Class is located. Once it’s operational, try for using it as often as necessary to finish the task. The objective will be completed once you have completed this task 10 times. You’ll get the Scout-Shocking skin and five purple weapon XP cards as a consequence, putting you one inch ahead of the Royale Specialist awards, which include the Peacekeeper MK2 – Voltaic Garden skin and Battle Pass XP.

Hope so this article was helpful for you. We always keep covering different articles with all the recent updates. If you want to get all the latest updates and news from Call of Duty mobile stay tuned with us.

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