Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022: Full Details

Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022: BGMI is currently one of the top-grossing games currently worldwide. It is a battle royale game published by Tencent Games formally, later on by Krafton. The developers of Tencent Games provide several mechanics to the game that helps players to do with their potential. But what about Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022? How are the Bolt Action Rifles gonna shine in BGMI 2022?

Weapons play a major role in a Battle Royale game. The weapon makes the game popular. M416, all of you will be familiar with the name. But before BGMI or PUBG I should call, anyone hardly knows the weapon. Just like AR Rifles, we’re going to share some details about Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022. In this article, we are going to guide you through the details about Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022 & how to use them properly. If you don’t wanna miss them, make sure to check out this article carefully-

Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022
Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022

Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022

BGMI is currently one of the fan-favorite games globally. There is a huge fan base globally for BGMI. The game gains so much popularity that in the 2020 pandemic situation. To maintain this fan base, developers always provide several updates to the game to maintain its gameplay & new skins, characters & events. The variety of the weapon availability is also a valid reason behind the success of this Battle Royale game as well.

In this article, let us see some details about the Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022 properly. Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI provides a One-Shot mechanism in the game. The Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022 is provided in the game is also present in real life. Developers got inspiration from them & decided to introduce them in the game to make the game more realistic. Some of them are- AWM, M24, Kar98K, Mosin Nagant, Win94. These are the current Bolt Action Rifles which are life in BGMI as well as in PUBG.

Of course, these are Snipers as well. But unlike Mini14, these are proper snipers or we can call Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022. All rifles have their different ammo types, different damage stats & different stats of range. Why wait? Let us see some details about these Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI 2022.

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Details of Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022

Here we are going to share some in-game stats of the Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022. Let us see the details of the rifles one by one-

  • AWM- It’s the most powerful weapon in the game to date. No other weapon can beat its damage even the DMR Rifles cannot beat its damage. If you can connect a headshot the enemy will be instantly knocked down even with a Level 3 helmet. However, Bodyshot with Level 3 vest will not affect as much headshot. But with a Level 2 vest & a body shot will be enough to knockdown.
  • M24- It does not match the damage but it is a good Bolt Action Rifle also. Previously it was available via airdrops only. But after updates, AWM took that place. Till then it spawns in the map normally. It can knock down an enemy with a Level 2 helmet.
Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022
M24 Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022
  • Kar98K: It is a very popular game among the players. It was the very first sniper that people used to start using. It spawns normally on the map since its debut. Easily accessibility makes it one of the popular weapons though it has less damage than M24.
  • Mosin Nagant- It’s recently added to the game. It also spawns normally. The damage of this Bolt Action Rifle is similar to Kar98K. However, it performs like Kar98K without any attachments. Although the bullet drop is high.
  • Win94- It’s the least popular Bolt Action among all. It is exclusive for Miramar Map only. It has very little damage. & Its reloading time is also higher than any other Bolt Action Rifles. But the advantage of this weapon is now its scope. So if you are out of scope & want a sniper then this might be a good option for you. However, the bullet drop is also drastically high.

Damage Stats of Bolt Action Rifles: Full Details

Bolt Action RifleAmmo NeedDamage StatsFiring SpeedRange of Bullets
Mosin Nagant7.62mm751.90600

Here is the full chart guide of Bolt Action Rifle in BGMI 2022 to help every player of BGMI. This guide might help players to play better in 2022.

That’s all about this article. Hope you like that. For more informative updates of BGMI & guides about it, follow our website.

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