Crackshot Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3

Crackshot Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite : Quadcrashers are one of the most fun vehicles in Fortnite. And they are officially back in the game as well. Finding the Crackshot Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite is very important. Since, the next challenge that will be unlocked in Fortnite Winterfest will require the players to travel 1000 metres on Crackshot Quadcrasher.

With the new map of Fortnite Chapter3 season 1 being filled with snow mostly. Using the Quadcrashers to explore around the island of Fortnite will become even more fun. The off road vehicles like Crackshot Quadcrashers will be more important going forward into the season. Other than the on-going Winterfest 2021 challenges.

Crackshot Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite
Crackshot Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite

Crackshot Quadcrasher in Fortnite

Quadcrashers are always a fun and exciting for the players to ride and explore around in the game. The vehicles have a great ability to boost off in air at very high speeds. Which in turn helps players rotates faster and cover the much longer distances. With Winterfest 2021 already going on, players can get a major kick by going around the Quadcrashers. Finding the Crackshot Quadcrasher is not a tough task. Most of these vehicles can be found in bunches and in groups. So, there are two ways , players can find the vehicles – either in set or one separate from the bunch.

Crackshot Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite Map:

Locating the crackshot quadcrashers on the Fortnite map is a easy task. The vehicles can be recognised by Holiday decor and reindeer antlers adorning them. More over these vehicles can be found in a few places, that can be found in top left of the map. In snowy areas, near Logjam Lumberyard. To make it a little more easier, we broke down the places to find the vehicles a lot more easily in three sections.

  • In the first section of finding the Crackshot Quadcrashers, is the Gas station to the left of Logjam Lumberyard. There are remarkably few Crackshot Quadcrashers that can be found easily in the place.
  • In the second section of finding the Quadcrashers is the Crackshot’s cabin , the cabin is situated to south of lake near Logjam Lumberyard. In this location, the players can benefit really well. Because there are three types of vehicles parked there.
  • In the third and final section of finding the Quadcrashers is – a barn near the Crackshot’s cabin. There are 2 Quadcrashers present in this location. Also the barns near the Crackshot’s cabin, give you a chance of interacting with a rare NPC also.
Crackshot Quadcrasher Locations
Crackshot Quadcrasher Locations in Fortnite

Custom Crackshot Quadcrashers :

Since the theme of holidays and Winterfest is currently on-going. The Quadcrashers in the above mentioned locations will be found in Nut cracker themes. The Quads will have candy cane handles, and the front design of the vehicle looks like a Nut cracker doll. A little unsettling but fun touch to the design of the vehicles.

And players also need to keep one thing in check- the new Crackshot Quadcrashers do take a lot of damage. Compared to the last version of the vehicles, the new Quadcrashers take in considerably great amounts of damage from explosions. Yet, there is a big silver lining to this situation with these vehicles. The Quadcrashers can be reapired very quickly by the campfires than before.


01. Are there any challenges with Crackshot Quadcrashers in Fortnite ?

A: Yes, there is a single challenge in Winterfest 2021 , in which players need to Quadcrashers.

02. What is the challenge in Winterfest 2021, that requires Quadcrashers?

A: In Winterfest 2021, players need to find a Quadcrasher and travel a distance of 1000 metres to complete the challenge.

03. Are the challenges in Winterfest 2021?

A: Yes, by far all the challenges that were unlocked in Winterfest 2021 are very easy to complete.

04. When does the Fortnite Winterfest 2021 complete ?

A: The Fortnite Winterfest 2021 will complete on January 6th 2022.

We at have covered on how to complete the Winterfest 2021 challenges ,they are mentioned down below :

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