Why is Battlefield 2042 SO Bad – Complete Study

Why is Battlefield 2042 SO Bad: Broken vehicles, terrible hitboxes, sluggish PC performance, bullet registration, and accuracy issues, a lack of features, and other issues have plagued Battlefield 2042 since its release. As a result, thousands of people on Steam are giving the game a negative review.

About Battlefield 2042

After a week of early access for pre-order customers and EA Play / Xbox Game Pass users, Battlefield 2042 is now available. In that short period, the game has managed to irritate practically everyone—with the exception of a few key Battlefield influences, who have kept strangely silent about the game’s numerous flaws.

User u/Jellyswim used the Battlefield 2042 subreddit to construct the following master list of everything the game gets wrong or doesn’t include—features that were present in many earlier games in the series.

The issues that gamers are experiencing with BF 2042 are numerous and prevalent. These include anger with the game’s cheesy voice lines, unhappiness with the level design and variation, aggravation with the game’s poor bullet spread, which makes precision shooting extremely difficult, and a lack of game types.

Why is Battlefield 2042 so bad

BF 2042 has just about 9,700 good reviews on Steam, out of approximately 40,000. The remaining 29,000+ reviews are overwhelmingly unfavorable, with many citing a lack of weapons, features, and poor PC performance.

Other issues include a shortage of firearms compared to previous releases, as well as missing features such as thermal scopes, squad voice chat, poor scoring systems, and what many regards as a limited vehicle selection.

Why is Battlefield 2042 SO Bad
Why is Battlefield 2042 SO Bad


There is no single-player Campaign or Story Mode. It isn’t a standard server browser. There are less standardized Game Modes now. (It’s impossible to play TDM or lesser scale modes without using community servers.) Really?)

It is fewer base game maps in this game than in any other (even including portal the map count is only 13)
There are no persistent lobbies (why do I have to matchmake EVERY round?). There are fewer in-game assignments (none outside of cosmetic unlocks).

The class system is not there. Character Customization possibilities are limited (than BF5). There isn’t a progress/stats page for your profile in the navigation. There is no assignment progress screen at the end of the round.

No dog tags (I suppose they still exist?). There are no custom emblems available. Fewer accomplishments. No medals will be awarded. There isn’t a cross-game profile screen. For other players, there is no fight log/stats tracker. There are no global leader boards.

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Gameplay of Infantry

There will be fewer guns (even including all the portal guns, BF4 still had more at launch), There are less infantry gadgets, There is no manual leaning, There will be no diving when swimming, and there will be no high wall vaulting, There will be no crouch sprinting.

Backward prone is not permitted, There is no knockback from explosions, After falling from great heights, there is no rolling, No ammo or health can be obtained from teammates, There is no scope zeroing, There are no thermal optics, There are no indirect fire devices.

Fewer anti-tank missiles (come on, only one?), There are no launchers with a lock-on feature (The M5 works with the SOFLAM but that requires 2 people), There are no AP mines or claymores.

(I don’t mind this one, but I’m included everything) No suppression mechanic
There aren’t any first-person takedown animations (whether this is a downgrade is up for debate, but I think it is)


Further, there is a lot of problems with vehicles, scoring system, squad and teamwork, maps, quality, and audio. Overall battlefield 2042 is a failure in the Gaming industry.

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