Slide Continuously for 25 meters in Fortnite

Slide Continuously for 25 meters in Fortnite: Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is officially into the third week, after its launch. As a part of the weekly challenges, players have to slide continuously for 25 meters in Fortnite. Sliding is one of the most discussed and hyped features in the new chapter of Fortnite. So, it is very amazing to see include the feature as a challenge. With the addition, many players will come to know about the feature and use it more.

The weekly challenges are back after a hiatus. Initially, the developers stopped the weekly challenges in Fortnite for few seasons and introduced the NPC challenges. As an alternative, there were weekly punchcards as well. But the weekly challenges are back in the new season, and the developers might stick to the weekly challenges for a while.

The seasonal challenges and the Winter fest will continue along with the weekly challenges in the game. The players can choose from any 3 of them. As part of the weekly challenges, there are 7 challenges that were introduced.

Slide Continuously for 25 meters and other Weekly Challenges in Fortnite:

slide continuously for 25 meters is one of the weekly challenges. Players don’t need to complete the other challenges to other ones. They can pick any challenge and complete them as they wish. Here are the 7 weekly challenges:

  • Search Coolers
  • Slide Continuously for 25 meters
  • Bounce 5 times on Spider-Man bouncers without touching the ground
  • Collect stored items from a Tent
  • Damage opponents at Rocky Reels or Condo Canyon
  • Hit weak points while Harvesting
  • Talk to Guaco, Bunker Jonesy, and Cuddle Team Leader.

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All above mentioned weekly challenges can be completed at any time of the season. After completing each challenge, players will be awarded 25000 XP and battle stars.

How to Slide 25 Meters in Fortnite:

slide continuously for 25 meters in Fortnite
slide continuously for 25 meters in Fortnite

Sliding continuously for 25 meters is one of the easiest challenges. Sliding is one of the features that was recently added to Fortnite. With this feature, the players can move and explore the map, a lot easier and quicker. For the player to slide, the player needs to be running and use the crouch button. And the player will be sliding. This challenge is very easy and can be completed very quickly and earn great rewards.

How to Slide Continuously for 25 Meters Without Any Interruption :

In order to slide, the player will have to run and then hit the crouch. Sometimes, it gets tough so here are the tips that you can follow to complete the challenge.

  • Find a place with great height, but not too steep-sloped.
  • Run while holding your key up.
  • and then hit the crouch button, you will be sliding down.


01. Can we complete the weekly challenges without completing Seasonal and Winterfest challenges?

Yes, you can and if there’s enough time at hand, you can complete both the challenges at a time.

02. When are the weekly challenges released?

The weekly releases are usually released on Thursday and once in every season.

03. What are the benefits of completing the weekly challenges?

Weekly challenges are easy to complete, Players will earn up to 25,000XP after completing each one.

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