Free Fire Name Change 2022: Full Detailed Guide 

Free Fire Name Change 2022: Free Fire, A popular name in our gaming community nowadays. Free Fire allows the players who have low-end devices but still can enjoy the game properly. This makes the game a massive hit. That’s why Free Fire is a well-known name in the Mobile Gaming community.

Today we are going to discuss how you can change your name in Free Fire in 2022. You guys might have already set your name for a while. You can only change your name one time for free. After that, you need diamonds for that. But you wish you can change that again for free.

In this article, we are going to share some tips to you guys that you can rename your character for free. Let us jump into the article:-

Free Fire Name Change 2022: Full Detailed Guide

Free Fire Name Change 2022

Free Fire is currently one of the fan-favorite games in India. There is a huge fan base in India for Free Fire. The game gain so much popularity that in the 2020 pandemic situation, Free Fire was voted as the “most fan-favorite game” in Play Store. To maintain this fan base, developers always provide several updates to the game to maintain its gameplay & new skins, characters & events. They provide free items at festive events.

But in this article, we are going to provide you with some tips about the Free Fire Name Change in 2022. But first, let us talk about some suggestions that help you to select your name properly. Here are those suggestions:-

  • Players can use stylish fonts in their in-game nameplates. Many players use that. & that thing looks cool.
  • Stylish names make an impact on other players. People think that you might be a pro player in Free Fire.
  • You can also use some websites to get those stylish fonts for the name.
  • There are also some apps in Playstore as well as in the iOS store for that. Just type your favourite name & do copy-paste. You are good to go.
  • When you rename your character, You will need 390 diamonds for the next change. So make a decision properly to get your desirable Name in Free Fire.
  • 2022 is coming. So, by changing the name, you can make an impact on other players in the new year as well as you can do a fresh start.

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But changing the name card is not easy. As the game provides two times free name changing. 1st when you set up the character. & 2nd time is free as well. But after that everyone needs 390 diamonds for that. But don’t worry we have some tips that if you follow properly you can get rename card for free or might be a little of cost.

Free Rename Cards in Free Fire? Is That True?

Here are some tips for getting free rename cards in 2022. Yes, that’s true my friend. We have got some details about that I am going to share with you to get a free rename card.

  • There are some events here and there to get free items. One of them provides a free rename card with 10,000 points with the mission.
  • Some special events like Booyah Day, Winter theme events also provide rename cards sometimes as well.
  • You can do little top-ups to get diamonds. Like 300 diamonds for 30 rupees. By saving that you can get a free rename card.
  • Some websites provide free rename cards in their website. Some social media influencers advertise that. However, it is genuine or fake we don’t have any kind of proof.

So that’s all for Free Fire Name Change in 2022. Hope you follow the steps to get a rename card for yourself. Follow our website for valuable pieces of information.

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