Use Armor Plates in BR Matches COD: Detailed Guide

Use Armor Plates in BR Matches COD: Call of Duty is one of the top-grossing battle royale games in the world currently. The mobile version is very much inspired by the PC version of the game, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The developers provide frequent updates to the game to make it even smoother.

With the in-game updates, developers provide weekly missions that provide free weapon skins & characters skins. One of the latest events is that use Armor plates in BR matches in COD mobile. Some of you are maybe not familiar with the Armor Plate. So let’s have a look into that in this article.

Use Armor Plates in BR Matches
Use Armor Plates in BR Matches

Use Armor Plates in BR Matches COD

Call of Duty mobile is published & developed by Activision in 2019. It was formally handled by Tencent Games along with Kiwi Games, but after some privacy concerns, Activision took the development role. The developers of Activision provide lots of updates to the game to make it further better. With the updates, they want to gain more attention from players.

One of the newest updates has introduced a new seasonal mission to the game. The mission that you have to complete is to use Armor plates in BR matches. In this article, we are going to share some tips with you to complete the use of Armor plates in BR matches mission easily. Let’s check this out-

What is the Armor Plate? Detailed Guide

Before completing the Armor Plate mission we need to know what is Armor Plate in the game. How does this work in the BR matches? Is that have any good or bad?

Armor Plate is an equipable thing in BR matches. It works like it adds an extra layer to the Armored Vest that you are wearing during matches. The armor Plate takes about 5 seconds to equip then it increases the durability of the Vest that you’re wearing in your chest.

But if you don’t have any kind of vest, Armor Plates cannot be equipped. So keep that in mind always. This game mechanism works the same in the PC version of COD as well as in the mobile version also. However, it gives different durability stats in a different version of the game.

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Role of Armor Plate in BR Matches

Armor Plates do not have any huge role in BR matches. The Armor Vest is always is a better option for that. However, between team fights & after fights, you can make yourself durable for the next battle. Because BR Matches are known for intense fights. So that might help to add a layer to the vest to protect you more.

Armor  Plates can be found anywhere in BR match maps. It is easily collectible & does not consume a lot of space in the bag. Of course, you can use as much Armor Plate as you can. But one thing to note is that if you reach the maximum protection of the vest, you can not apply for any other Armor Plate at that time. Once you got hit by any enemy or any kind of damage in your vest, then you can apply it again.

That’s all about the mission to use Armor Plate in BR matches & all about the Armor Plate details. Hope you liked the detailed guide about Armor Plate. Stay tuned for more amazing tips for Call of Duty Mobile events & updates.

Some QnA about this Armor Plate in COD:-

Q: Should I keep Armor Plate in my bag?

A: Obviously. If you find an Armor Plate, you should keep that with you. It will help you when there is no vest available but you need to upgrade your vest.

Q: Can I use Armor Plate while running?

A: Yes you can. Armor Plate can be used while running just like the other meds.

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