Fortnite Upcoming Tournament in 2022

Fortnite has officially announced the Competitive Fortnite tournament for 2022. With this tournament at hand, the developers of the game want to promote the e-sports component and aspect of Battle Royale in Fortnite. The plans for next year and the upcoming tournament have been released out. For the last two years, in-person Fortnite e-sports events have not taken place and were canceled. Mainly due to pandemic breakout. There are also rumors about possible slots online being made. This event will allow us to have additional online gaming and events outside FNCS while giving us even more scheduling flexibility. After the breakout and since the normalcy has begun to come around, the Competitive Fortnite events are set for 2022.

Fortnite Competitive Upcoming Tournaments in 2022

According to the official announcement – these are the Upcoming Competitive Tournaments in 2022. They are the  down below :

  • FNCS Duos with a Match Point format in Finals
  • Divisional Tournaments
  • 2-Round Cash Cups
  • Proposal for in-person 3rd party events are under consideration and reviewing
  • More Competitive features

Fortnite Competitive Upcoming Tournament with FNCS format 

In 2022, the FNCS Trios format will be changed to the FNCS Duos format. Which is a considerable shake-up with a full year of playing in FNCS Trios format. The primary competitive game mode in Fortnite moving forward will be Duos format. Next FNCS will be kickstarting from the month of February in 2022, so make sure to pick your  Duo partner and be ready to join in-game and compete against others.

There is an updated format for qualifying to FNCS. In every region, there will be two qualifiers. With this, the chances of considering and creating additional competitions with possible slots online might increase. And there will be events outside the FNCS as well. The qualification for the finals will be from Qualifiers only. And series points will be used for Semi-Finals and the advancements. All the qualifiers and the matches are to be held in the same week.

Fortnite plans to bring out even more importance and make sure that Victory Royale and the points will have a higher impact.

Fortnite Competitive Upcoming Tournaments- Divisional 

Divisional Tournaments can be dubbed as Cash Cups also. With Fortnite Competitive, the bar for competing will be set high in divisional tournaments. The Cash Cups will run for Champions League players and there will be simultaneous tournaments for Open League players. With the recent developments, Cash Cups will be become even more competitive and have two rounds, in which the second round will be held on a separate day of the week. There will be cash prizes for the players who participate in these tournaments.

Fortnite Competitive Upcoming Tournaments In-Person 

Fortnite and the developers have started to accept all the proposals regarding in-person events. The events can be in-person or 3rd part events as well. And these events will only be given the permit to conduct. If the event is conducted according to public health guidelines and restrictions. The plans and announcements for in-person events will be more clear in the coming days. Stay Tuned to our website for more details and updates regarding Competitive Upcoming Tournaments in 2022.

Competitive Features 

Now more than ever, many companies are developing games surrounding the Battle Royale. To stay up to date and be better than the competition. Epic Games has already developed countermeasures. In 2022, there will be some very interesting announcements and features will be introduced to the game. More prominently, the main focus for the developers of Fortnite in 2022, will be towards the official broadcasting, and new Arena system, tournament features. Even though none of the before mentioned features and their details are revealed. Fortnite has promised and emphasized its commitment and dedication to making the game a lot better in the months to come.

FAQ’s :

  1. When will the Fortnite Upcoming Tournaments be available to play?
    A: Details regarding the dates and launch of Upcoming Tournaments are still under wraps. But definitely sometime in 2022.
  2. Are there any cash prizes in the Upcoming Fortnite Tournament?
  3. A: There will be a cash prize involved in certain matches and the details are not revealed.

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