Bounce on Spider-Man’s Bouncers Without Touching the Ground

Bounce on Spider-Man Bouncers: We are officially on today eight in Fortnite Winterfest, as a part of the daily challenges. The players have to bounce on Spider-Man bouncers without touching the ground five times. In this article, we will break down how to bounce on Spider-Man bouncers without touching the ground and the locations to find and complete the challenge.

As part of the ongoing Fortnite Winterfest event, players can unlock and collect the Krisabelle skin from the presents. The Snowmando  Board Glider was part of the daily present in the Winterfest. And it was collected by many players in the game. There are new challenges as well, that will unlock as move forward.

Where to Find Spider-Man Bouncers

As part of the daily challenges in Fortnite Winterfest, today players have to bounce on Spider-Man bouncers. If you are wondering where are the bouncers to bounce and complete the challenge. The bouncers are the white webs, that can be found all around the current map in the game. These bouncers are a  very common occurrence, so it is very likely that you might have come across them. In this article, we will mention two easy ways you can spot these bouncers on the map. The bouncers can be found commonly, near the places where you can find the mythic web-shooters. There is another location to find the bouncers and finish the challenge.

Bounce on Spider-Man Bouncers Completing the Challenge :

This is one of the easiest locations on the current Fortnite map to complete the challenge, very quickly. Pay little attention to the South-West side of the map. There is a mini-snow island. If you pay even more little attention, you will find two Spider-Man bouncers. In this location, you can complete the challenge very easily. At this location, you can bounce on Spider-Man bouncers 5 times, without touching the ground. As there are two bouncers that are almost right next to each other. Using that you can easily complete the challenge. In this location, it is almost certain you can bounce 5 times and not hit the ground.

If you are looking for another place, to bounce on the Spider-Man bouncers and complete the challenge, We have one more area, that will help you.

Bounce on Spider-Man bouncers near The Daily Bugle :

The Daily Bugle is another location to complete the challenge. The first land at the Daily Bugle and try to secure the area. If you secure the area, it will be a lot easier to complete the challenge. Once the area is secure, find the Spider-Man bouncer. Approach the bouncer and jump on it without being very fast. If you are fast at jumping, there are high chances you might end up touching the ground. Repeat it five times and complete the challenge.

Bounce on Spider-Man Bouncers
Bounce on Spider-Man Bouncers

The Spider-Man bouncers are a great source for mobility in the game. There is absolutely zero fall damage. And players can spring off the bouncers and land from any heights and will not take any damage. The bouncers also provide a lot of vertical boosts.

What happens after Bouncing on Spider-Man bouncers :

After completing the challenge, and bouncing on the Spider-Man bouncers 5 times without touching the ground. The players will be able to gain 25,000 experience points.


01. Is Spider-Man skin available for everyone in the game?

A: No, Spider-Man is not easily available for everyone, you have to be at a level 100.

02. How long is the Fortnite Winterfest event?

The ongoing Winterfest event in the game will be live till January 6th, 2022.

03. Is the Winterfest event useful for general players?

Yes, with the Winterfest event, players will have a very chance of getting amazing skins and cosmetics. And gain more XP to progress faster in the game.

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