Travel with ICY feet in Fortnite Chapter 3 Challenge

Travel with ICY feet in Fortnite Chapter 3 Challenge: Fortnite is all dolled up for the Christmas season ahead. There are so many surprises the developers have in store for their loyal fanbase. With Winterfest 2021, already rolled out. We are on to a brand new day and set of challenges for Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Christmas event. All players need to do is log in daily and get their gifts from the Cozy Lodge. The gifts include cosmetics, skins, gliders, wraps, and emotes.

What is today’s challenge :

As a part of Fortnite Winterfest 2021, there are various daily challenges. Today’s challenge in the Winterfest is a little easy and fun to complete as well. For the challenge, players need to travel 200 meters while having icy feet.

We at Official Panda have curated the article as a little guide into completing the icy feet challenge easily.

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How to Get ICY FEET :

Players need to find a chiller grenade if they want to get icy feet to complete the challenge. the grenades are available for everyone in Winterfest 2021, once when you find the grenade. Throw it on the ground or floor right next to you, to get the icy feet.

Travel with ICY FEET :

The traveling part of the challenge might be a little tricky. Because you need to complete the 200 meters traveling in one go. And if you want to complete the task, you need to find a hilly area on the map. Hilly areas would help you move fast. Because the icy feet and the chiller grenade effect will last only closer to 7 or 8 seconds. With icy feet and the time limit, it would be very easy to complete on the hilly slope areas. Then the normally flat surface area, as you might be running into obstacles frequently. It is also safe to know that chiller grenades are always available in a pack of three, so completing the challenge, is a little easy as well.

The player will easily know when they have completed the challenge, as the notifications would appear as soon as the player completes the challenge. If the notification has not popped up. You can always check out the “Quests” section and track your progress in the challenges.

Travel with ICY feet in Fortnite Chapter 3
Travel with ICY feet in Fortnite Chapter 3

Where to Find Chiller Grenades :

Chiller grenades are found abundantly in places where they’re are a lot of chests. It is ideal to drop at a location that spawns a lot of chests. There are alternative places to find the chiller grenades as well. They can be found in floor loot also.

Once, the player has found the grenades and uses them. And completes the challenge successfully. Players will be rewarded with a total of 18000 XP.

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