Battlefield 2042 Not Launching In PC: How to Fix?

Battlefield 2042 Not Launching In PC: Methods or Steps to Fix it. Battlefield 2042 is off to a shaky start. The developers are doing everything to stop players from leaving the game. Currently, the game is one of the worst-rated games in Steam history as well. As if things weren’t necessarily bad, they got a whole lot worse after the newly released update. After the new and fairly large update #3 for Battlefield 2042. The game has received a whole lot of improvements and certain game-breaking bugs as well. With the new update, the game has been crashing for many PC users and the issue was reported by many around the globe.

There is a  shortlist of reasons. that might be the reason for Battlefield 2042 Not Launching In PC, we have compiled all of them in this article. Read on Further.

Methods to Fix Battlefield 2042 Not Launching In PC

Battlefield 2042 Not Launching In PC
Battlefield 2042 Not Launching In PC

Outdated GPU Drivers :

GPU drivers are key to running a game like Battlefield 2042. and sometimes the outdated graphics card. might be the reason for the game crashing. Make sure to reinstall the new GPU drivers or install the recently released updates.

Corrupted Files :

Sometimes corrupted files might be one of the reasons for game crashing. Due to corrupt files, the game would be crashing. To repair the issue, you need to once check the integrity of the files. which is an easy repairing process from the Origin.

Uninstalled Anti Cheat :

Games crash due to improper installing as well. If the anti-cheating tool is not installed well. The game will be crashing. So it is better to check and make sure the anti-cheat tool is in the game folder only.

Missing Media Feature Pack :

There are certain reports that the Missing media feature pack might be a reason for the game crash. This feature is very important. Due to this pack only, many cut scenes in the game will be loading. The issue is easy to fix. You need to manually install the pack from the apps& programs menu from the settings.

Missing Admin Access :

Sometimes, the game crashes, because it is unable to access all the files and some parts are restricted. To fix this issue, you should enable the administrator permission permanently for the game.

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Incompatible Overlay Feature :

Disable the overlay feature, from the settings of the game. Many players have reported that this feature is the main reason for the crash. Uninstall or completely disable the overlay feature.

3rd Party Antivirus :

if your pc is running a 3rd party anti-virus, try to disable it or try to switch it off. For the time being. In many cases, the 3rd party anti-virus often interferes and doesn’t let the game access all the files. So make sure the anti-virus is disabled while starting the game.

Missing Visual C++ packages :

If the packages are missing, the game might act up. And fail to load properly and eventually crash. For fixing this issue, try re-downloading the Visual C++ redist packages from the official Microsoft site.

Repair the Battlefield 2042 through Origin :

if none of the above-mentioned work for you, it is always possible to repair the game through Origin. Through Origin game repair, the software will verify the integrity of all the game files and will automatically follow it up and fix, if there are any corrupted files.

Change Max Link Speed :

This is one of the last efforts, to put in if the game is still crashing. Change the max link speed from Auto to Gen, doing this will automatically fix the starting errors. You can perform this from the BIOS menu. the BIOS menu can be accessed by opening the specific graphic card menu.

If none of the above-mentioned work for you. We strongly recommend using a repair tool – Restore. The tool will find and fix all the missing and corrupt repositories which works in the majority of cases.

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