PUBG New State Maintenance Break in 16th December: Full Details

PUBG New State Maintenance Break 16 December: PUBG corporation made a brand-new game based on the basic mechanics, named- PUBG New State. It’s very much inspired by PUBG mobile & PUBG PC versions. Just like the original PUBG, PUBG New State has also introduced its Gaming Pass which is called Survival Pass or SP. It provides a lot of new characters & outfits.

But today morning when we open the game, We saw there is a maintenance break that’s going on. Some of you guys may have noticed the same I hope so the Maintenance break in PUBG New State on 16 December. So let’s deep dive into it. Today in this article we are going to share about this Maintenance break in PUBG New State on 16 December. So let’s deep dive into it.

PUBG New State Maintenance Break-in 16th December: Why?

Players Unknown Battle Ground, aka PUBG, is a very popular name in the mobile gaming industry. 8 out of 10 people heard about this game. This game has changed the point of view of the gaming industry. Gaming was a time pass thing before, now it’s also considered as a professional carrier.

To continue this, PUBG Mobile Studios has been announced a brand-new game with the collaboration of Krafton. The name of this brand new game is PUBG New State. The game provides monthly updates for the new season, the same as other games.

For that reason, Krafton developers have noticed a maintain break in the morning. The update should be live from 9th December. So it’s kind of a 1-week delay already.

PUBG New State Maintenance Break
PUBG New State Maintenance Break

Reason for the maintenance break on  16th December

If you have opened the game in the morning, you might have seen the maintenance break notice popup. It’s because Krafton is pushing updates to the PUBG New State. For some reason, the update is a week delay from what it should be.

  • This maintenance is over now afternoon at 12:00 am IST. It was started at 5:30 am IST.
  • After the maintenance, the updates will be pushed out through the devices.
  • The update size will be different in different operating systems. Approx. 600 MB will be in androids & approx 1.1GB in iOS.

So it’s not something that you should worry about. Keep Calm about that.

That’s all in this article. We are going to cover up PUBG New State articles soon. So stay tuned for that.

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