How to travel 50 Meters using Spiderman Web-Shooter

New Quest for week 2 Arrived in Fortnite chapter 3

Travel 50 Meters using Spider-Man Web Shooter: There is a new quest for week 2 arrived in Fortnite chapter 3 and in this quest this says that you have to travel 50 meters or more using a spiderman web shooter as a mythic weapon. So in this article, I will be just telling you about this one. So basically a little time before there was a new thing come in the Fortnite chapter 3. And that was the spiderman web shooter sling and this challenge is related to that. So you can find these web-shooters in some places. Basically, I had already mentioned that in an article.

Location of daily bugle

So I have done this challenge of traveling 50 meters using a spiderman web shooter in the location of the daily bugle. So you can also start from here if you want. The daily bugle has at least five locations itself where you can find this web-shooter in Fortnite chapter 3. So you just need to find at least one web-shooter in Fortnite chapter 3. And I think swinging 50 meters in one is not so difficult thing. It is so simple and there are no such complications that you can face in this challenge. But however, I will be telling you some tips and tricks related to traveling 50 meters using the spiderman web shooter in Fortnite chapter 3.

Need to open the pack

And from there you just need to open the pack. So there we got the spider man thingies. So bu these all materials you can start up your challenge for the quest in Fortnite chapter 3. And the idea is basically as the title suggests that to travel 50 meters with the help of the spiderman web shooter with one swing only.

Travel 50 Meters using Spider-Man Web Shooter
Travel 50 Meters using Spider-Man Web Shooter

How to Complete Travel 50 Meters using Spider-Man Web Shooter

So to do that challenge there is a simple and only one strategy to aim at height. And then just keep clicking and remember one thing that you can go from one point to another without touching the ground. So this thing is only possible if you are hanging from a slightly higher object that is far from you. So that you must get the required momentum for hanging slightly far and higher to 50 meters. Then you just have to land at any spot that has a lot of high buildings or trees. And you have to just make sure that you travel 50 meters without touching the ground.

And I don’t think that this is a difficult challenge in Fortnite chapter 3 as I had already mentioned earlier in the article. One can easily do that with total fun.

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