How to fix Fortnite Audio Issues Xbox

How to fix Fortnite audio issues Xbox: Today in this article I will be going to tell you How to fix Fortnite audio issues Xbox. So total three common ways I am going to tell you by which you can fix the Fortnite audio issues in your Xbox. One ranging from your microphone not working. Having a buzzing sound or just you are not getting any audio coming out from your speakers or your headset on your Xbox.

Ranging from your Microphone Not Working on your Xbox

So for step one, we are going to want to press the Xbox button on your controller then go over to the right to the profile and system tab. Then go down to settings. Now go down to devices and connections. And from there go to the accessories.

Then go down to the three dots. Select this and the first option on top is the firmware version. We want to update our controller on our Xbox One. So go ahead and press A on this and update your controller if you have not already.

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So go through the different steps and you will need to connect a USB cable to your Xbox one controller. So go ahead and find one connect it to your Xbox. Connect the other end of your USB cable to your Xbox one controller and go to continue. And this will update your controller. And a lot of times when you can not speak to your microphone on your Xbox.

You have it connected directly to your controller through the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. If you do not have your controller updated, you may not be able to speak to people. So that may be causing the audio issues that you are having and can fix Fortnite audio issues in Xbox.

Fix Fortnite Audio Issues Xbox: Having a Buzzing Sound on your Xbox

So if your controller is updated now then just press next. Now another common issue is your microphone when you are speaking to people. On your Xbox on press the Xbox button. Open up the side menu. Now go all way down to the bottom. And then to the right to the audio tab and under here make sure your headset mic is turned on. If you are having that buzzing noise go ahead and speak into your microphone and listen to it in a headset yourself.

And if it goes away when you lower the mic monitoring. Then make sure you have this completely off. So that nobody in your party when you are speaking to them will hear that buzzing sound in the background. And make sure you adjust your volume for your headset chat mixer and your headset volume accordingly under this section.

Not Getting any Audio Coming out from your Speakers or your Headset on your Xbox

So last issue that I am going to tell you about that is faced by Xbox users is the issue related to the audio just not coming out from the speakers or your headset. Now just go down to the settings page once again.

This time we wanna go in general. And then over to volume. And audio output. Then you have to go in headset audio and then to stereo uncompressed. Now you can able to access this.

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