Battlefield 2042 Free Weekend – New Event in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Free Weekend: Battlefield 2042 is having a tough time retain its current players. There are so many issues with the game, it is almost in the same state as Cyberpunk 2077 when it released in December 2020. Unlike the Cyberpunk 2077,Battlefield 2042 is a lot different. The new battlefield game is full on multi-player and there is no proper story to move forward with. But what both the games have so much in common is they went from most hyped games to the most hated games by the players within the span of  weeks.

With the newly released update – there have been many improvements for the game and even the update carries some bugs. But the bugs won’t necessarily be crashing the game this time around.

Battlefield 2042 Free Weekend
Battlefield 2042 Free Weekend

Battlefield 2042 Updates

Over 150 maps in the game , have got a considerable and major improvement. Less visual glitches and collision issues, The game play had a drastic change and is a lot better than the last updates. There are many changes and every character renders a lot better. the weapons are a lot better and there are no serious issues about unable to focus on the target. The opening game menu feels a lot better and looks better. The update that is fairly large has lessened the clutters and crashes in the game.

Battlefield 2042 Free Weekend

Initial in the launch stages, everyone who has pre-ordered the game was offered to jump in the game. And the did manage to gain a huge chunk of gamers at that point of time. Now, the time has changed. Players know what battlefield 2042 offers . Late this week, a steam banner went official with the tagline -FREE WEEKEND coming to Battlefield 2042. And that sparked out so many rumors and news across all the gaming community. the news is indeed true. Battlefield 2042 will indeed be offering Free Weekend. But when that chance would go live, is still a mystery as there is no official word from the developers. It is safe to assume, once the majority of bugs are cleared with updates. Dice and its team of developers might make the word of FREE WEEKEND to play official. there are high chances this announcement about complete free weekend to play will come in the later half of this month or as a early new year surprise announcement.

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