NEW Fortnite Unlimited XP Glitch Chapter 3

The new glitch that has  been Discovered in Fortnite chapter 3

NEW Fortnite Unlimited XP Glitch Chapter 3; So in today’s article I will be telling you about a new glitch that has been discovered in Fortnite chapter 3. The glitch is about the XP. Using the simple XP glitch you will be able to generate infinite XP. by being AFK and level up super fast. Allowing you to level 100 or even 200 or also even 300 on chapter 3 of Fortnite battle pass. I will be teaching you all the steps needed to complete this unlimited XP glitch that has been discovered in Fortnite chapter 3.

Load into a Creative Match

Alright, guys so you want to go ahead and do in order to get started with this Fortnite chapter 3 XP glitch is actually loading into a creative match. So you don’t have to go ahead and type in an island code. As always just load into creative. So all you gonna basically loading into creative guys. This is the first step for this unlimited XP glitch in Fortnite chapter 3. It’s actually a pretty simple glitch but well the first step is just to hold on to creative and once from one we are in the hub which changes on a weekly cycle.

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Christmas themed Creative Hub

I think you guys will be able to do this second step. So the creative hub would be in load into a creative match Christmas themed because at the time of writing this article we are close to Christmas. And also a Fortnite winter fest is starting soon. Anyways guys so what do you want to go ahead. And do once you are in the creative hub guys in order to get unlimited XP you want to go ahead and create a brand new island. So just go to the options where you find to create new options. And just select create new options there.

Select any Grid Island

And from there select any island, anyone you can choose just remembers one thing that you need to make sure that has a grid. So you can choose the grid island it is the simplest one. So choose any name you want. And once click on confirm when you set a name.

NEW Fortnite Unlimited XP Glitch Chapter 3
NEW Fortnite Unlimited XP Glitch Chapter 3

Select the Spawner

So after loading into the island and once you are on the island. You will just want to go ahead and fly down so just go down and down. So once you get down completely just start building. And then just go to the inventory. Click on the devices and you want to actually go ahead and get a player spawn pad. So if you are scared that it sometimes disappears. If you actually get too close the hologram will disappear guys. So do not get too close to it. And once this thing is done you need to go again in the inventory and click on the consumables and actually get gold coins

You can get the Unlimited XP Glitch in Fortnite Chapter 3

So it does not actually matter, some actually just get 1000 which is anything. Then what you have to do with these coins is just drop at least one. So once you have done you can go to launch the game and in this order, you can get the unlimited XP glitch in Fortnite chapter 3.

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