Llama-Rama Challenges – Fortnite and Rocket League

Llama-Rama Challenges – Fortnite and Rocket League: Fortnite and Rocket League have collaborated for one more time again. This time around it is a little different than many of us could have expected. This time the hugely popular games have collaborated for the launch of a game – “Rocket League Sideswipe”. The game was initially in the launch out phase from November, but now the game is live. And available for download for both iOS and Android devices globally. The first season of the game is currently live now.

What is Liama -Rama Challanges

Fortnite’s developers have acquired the company Psyonix. Psyonix is the team and company that was responsible for the might success of Rocket League. As a part of their collaboration, the sports game does pop up a lot in Fortnite and Fortnite pops up in Rocket League as well. Leading to some live events that will have rewards for players in both games. These are called as Llama-Rama challenges.

Llama-Rama Challenges - Fortnite and Rocket League
Llama-Rama Challenges – Fortnite and Rocket League

Liama -Rama Challanges

The Llama Rama challenges are five in total, completing each one of them will help you gain a unique gift in the games. But the challenge will be available for a limited period of time only. The challenges will be available to play till December 27th at 10 AM ET. In two weeks, you can complete as many challenges as possible and gain all the rare gifts from the game.


Along with the challenges, we have gathered the rewards that would be coming along with it, after completing the game. They are mentioned right below the challenge.

Play Five Online Matches.

  • Fortnite rewards: A banner featuring Cluck.
  • Rocket League sideswipe reward: Top Llama Topper.

Play TEN online matches.

  • Fortnite rewards: Octane Cruiser Bling
  • Rocket League sideswipe reward: Umbrella Royale Wheels

Score THIRTY goals in online matches.

  • Fortnite Rewards: RL GG spray
  • Rocket League sideswipe reward: Extra-ordinary player title.

Win TEN online matches.

  • Fortnite rewards: Renegade Blaze contrail
  • Rocket league sideswipe reward: Llama Wheels

Earn MVP in three online matches.

  • Fortnite rewards: Octane Whomper pickaxe.
  • Rocket League sideswipe reward: Loot Llama Decal.

To complete all the above-mentioned challenges, players have to download the Rocket League side swipe from the play store or app store from their device of choice. After installing the game, the players have to link their Fortnite or rocket league accounts in the game. If the accounts are not linked in rocket league sides swipe, the rewards won’t carry through to other games. Currently, all the challenges are live across all the iOS and Android versions of this game. Will be available till December 27th only.

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