How to Get Female Money Heist 2.0 Bundle in Free Fire

Female Money Heist 2.0 Bundle in Free Fire: Free Fire data miners have been working tirelessly in preparation for the imminent release of the OB31 update, ensuring that fans have access to the most up-to-date content. There are new areas, adjustments to the game’s balance, and also even a new character. The event schedule for the impending Free Fire and Money Heist 2.0 event is perhaps the most important among them. We’ll go over everything you need to know about the event in this article.
The heist of Fire Money for Free

1. When is the Free Fire x Money Heist 2.0 event scheduled to take place?

The Free Fire x Money Heist 2.0 event will be released on December 3, 2021, just a few days after Booyah Day ends, according to prominent Free Fire leaker KnightClown (on November 29). The festival will continue for two weeks, from December 16 to December 16, 2021.

On December 11, players can log in to receive the LCOP surfboard and parachute, which will be the event’s peak day.

2. Which events in Money Heist 2.0 are the most exciting?

Plan Bermuda and Peak Day login are two of the most exciting forthcoming events in December. The former provides players with the classic Money Heist outfit sets, but the latter only provides them with free skin.

In addition, the “Play Money Heist Mode” event is quite notable. In this game, two teams of four compete to secure and print money from money printers. The winning team is the first to print the required amount of money in the allocated period. When time runs out and no team has collected enough money, the team with the most notes wins.

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Final Episode of Free Fire x Money Heist: Raid and Run

New missions, social media interaction activities, and collaboration-themed items will be featured at the event. It will be available on December 3rd, along with the new OB31 patch. Players will be able to team up with the famed Professor in order to pull off one more robbery and recover the riches.

The Raid and Run Game mode in Money Heist 2.0 will be very different from the previous “money printing mode” in the cooperation last year. Players must register for the event, acquire gold through matches, and then invest it in order to receive Rewards.

Female Money Heist 2.0 Bundle in Free Fire
Female Money Heist 2.0 Bundle in Free Fire

New Money Heist Raid and Run gun skins are restricted.

This event will include three new goods centered around the Money Heist:

Woodpecker Red Robster is a new black and red Woodpecker skin.
Vector Red Robster is a new gold, black, and red skin for the Vector that features the Money Heist mask.
One of the nicest gloo wall skins released this year is Gloo Wall Gold Vault. The wall becomes a door vault.

Previous Collaboration on a Free Fire Money Heist

In September 2020, the previous collaboration between Free Fire and Money Heist lasted for around two weeks. A variety of intriguing rewards were available to users, with a few of them being free. A new game mode has been launched by Garena.

The “I’m Rich!” emote was also added to the game as a result of these events, and also it has now become an uncommon item.

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