How to Get BOT LOBBIES in Fortnite Chapter 3

Bot lobbies in Fortnite chapter 3

Get BOT LOBBIES in Fortnite Chapter 3: So in this article, I will be telling you that how you could get into full bot lobbies in Fortnite. The fastest and easiest way is possible. So you are gonna straight to the point, I am gonna tell you everything that you need to do. This will only take you a few minutes and there will be only bots in your lobby. There will be zero real players. It all be bots, you can go ahead and do whatever you want. Whether you want to Complete challenges.

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Steps you need to do for creating bot lobby

Step 1

So to get started we are going to want to make white of the inside of like the Fortnite battle royale main lobby exactly. Then you are going to open up the plus menu right and then once we open up the plus menu. If we look at the right tab. you are going to see all these options right here. So you are going to see settings reporting feedback, code of conduct, support, legal. credits, parental controls, and select game mode. So you have gonna select the settings there. So one selects the setting you will find like video, game UI, mouse and keyboard, controller options, audio, keyboard controls. If you look to the left the first option is video. the one all the way over to the right way over to the account privacy. So you are gonna select the account privacy.

Step 2

So from there, you are gonna over the game privacy. So here you gonna find like a loud cross-platform play, show on the leaderboard, anonymous mode. So there underneath you will find the option of hiding another player’s name and thereafter you will find a hidden match-making delay. Most of the people have set this at 0 seconds. So you are gonna add anything other than 0 seconds. Then you just need to apply these settings just like that.

Step 3

So here we are on our last step to get ourselves in bot lobbies in chapter 3. Once we apply the hidden matchmaking delay five seconds. We are gonna back out settings and you could double-check real quick that you did apply it. It doesn’t hurt to double-check. Then you have to click on the option that is called select game mode. this is just to apply full settings.

Get BOT LOBBIES in Fortnite Chapter 3
BOT LOBBIES in Fortnite Chapter 3

Once your bot lobby is created

Once you got a bot lobby there is no need to get into this option, again and again, to get into the bot lobby. you just have to click from one lobby to another and you will find the bot lobby already.