M6 Royale Pass Release Date in BGMI

BGMI M6 Royal Pass Release Date: BGMI is one of the most popular games currently in India. After banning the PUBG which was owned by Tencent Games, Krafton took the development role of BGMI. The game provides monthly updates with a new theme with new concepts & looks.

After the M5 Royale Pass of BGMI, it’s time for a new Battle Royale Pass for BGMI. As continues the same name game, it will be named as M6 Royale Pass. We have got some details about the M6 Royale Pass. You may be exciting when is this M6 Royale Pass going to release & make its debut? Let us find out the release date for M6 Royale Pass.

BGMI M6 Royal Pass Release Date

BGMI is the game that is basically the PUBG with an Indian server. It is not very different from PUBG, that is why the events from the PUBG also come to the BGMI. Of course, some new events come to BGMI especially for India, but more or fewer events are the same.

BGMI provides also the same Battle Royale Pass for the game via monthly updates. As we know the M5 Royale Pass is going to end soon, we have got the release date of the upcoming M6 Royale Pass. Let us talk about the release date of the M6 Royale Pass

BGMI Royale Pass Coming Soon

M6 Royale Pass Release Date in BGMI
BGMI M6 Royal Pass Release Date

Without wasting any more time, here we are going to share with you the release date of the M6 Royale Pass. As we all know that current M5 Royale Pass is running from December 20 to January 20, 2021. On 20th December at 7:30 am morning (IST) we will see the next season Royale Pass that is M6 Royale Pass. This Royale passes you can get with your UC. With 360 UC you can get Elite Pass & with 960 UC you will get Elite Pass Plus. Of course, the 360 UC is refundable.

So that’s all for this article. We hope you have got detailed information about the Release date of the M6 Royale Pass. Stay tuned to us for more updates & news.

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