Fortnite Complete “Jumpman Zone” Quests In Chapter 3

Jumpman Zone Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3

So this article is going to be all about the Jumpman zone quests in Fortnite chapter 3. You can get into the Jumpman zone either from the quick selection screen or by going to create and then manually putting in the map code.

Trickshots and Mini-Games

When you get into the Jumpman zone in order to get access to the area with the trick shots which are the different doors you need to collect shoes. There are six different portals in front of you and every one of those portals has a different mini-game once you enter that. Mini-game is going you to give a notification. Saying Ok you are entering this game in order to unlock the shoes so that you can start with the trick shots. You are going to need to meet these requirements.

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First mini-game: color switch Rumple X Jordan

The first mini-game that you gonna find is the “color switch Rumple X Jordan. So in this game, you will find different colors platforms present there. So whatever color it says you have to stand on that and survive there for 5 minutes.

Second Game: Tiny Town PWR

The second game you will find is the “Tiny Town PWR” So this game also seems pretty simple straight forward to me. What I did was go down all the way to docks. And once you get close enough to the NPC. You are gonna get a harpoon gun in your hand.

Third Game: color dash X Jordan

The third on the way is the “color dash X Jordan” And it is exactly the same as the first game. The only difference is in-game number three you are gonna sit in the car.

Fourth Game: Rock climbing parkour Jordan Update

The fourth game is the “Rock climbing parkour Jordan Update”. So the fourth game is again a pretty simple game. And you will be parkour and you have to climb a mountain. The jumps are pretty self-explanatory. Just follow the path that’s indicated to you.

Fifth Game: Death run X Jordan

The next fifth game is “Death run X Jordan”. So the total number of levels present in the game is 200 plus but you only need to complete 25 of them and then you can collect the shoe.

Jumpman Zone Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3
Jumpman Zone Quests in Fortnite Chapter 3

Sixth Game: Fishtopia fish Tycoon

So here comes the last and sixth game that is “Fishtopia fish Tycoon” So in this, you are gonna collect the first for this one. And lots of it never played this before so I had to figure it out. So the strategy that helps me is to quickly craft the fishing rod. you can find that in the pace where you spawn.

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