Battlefield 2042 Weekly Mission and Challenges

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Mission and Challenges: Battlefield 2042 is one of the most anticipated games released this year. And it is one of the worst-rated games of the year, and the majority of its player’s base has dropped. The players have stopped playing the game, according to steam’s reports. Even after all of those issues, Battlefield 2042 is still attracting new players. And the developers are doing everything to bring glory and players to the game.

Last week, there was a huge lineup of patches that were released for the game. And also after quick fixes, the developers have released one of the biggest updates for the game. The new and large update Version#3 is live. Available for all the platforms and contains quite a huge chunk of bugs as well.

Keeping the bugs aside, the update brings new weekly missions and certain other enhancements. In this article, we have put together all the things the newly released update brings to the game.

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Battlefield 2042 Weekly Mission

The weekly missions are one of a kind addition to battlefield 2042. These missions will make it into the game this week. There will notably set of 3 tasks that players need to complete, which will help in earning XP. Not just XP, there are some very exclusive cosmetic rewards as well.

There are some noticeable tweaks that have been made to portals as well. There are brand new templates that have been added to the custom mode editor portal.

New vehicular hijinks have made their way into Battlefield 2042 and also are named rather differently this time. They are custom-named as Vehicle Team Deathmatch.

Battlefield 2042 Weekly Mission
Battlefield 2042 Weekly Mission

Battlefield 2042 Rewards

With weekly missions coming into play, EA is bringing in rewards as well. Since it’s December and the holiday season is right around the corner, the rewards will be more seasonal, which is expected. All the rewards heading into battlefield 2042 will be fun Christmas cosmetics centered for a while.

Battlefield 2042 Improvements

Usually, with the big updates game releases, we can expect a lot of improvements. And there are certain noticeable changes with this update and here are some of them: – There are over 150 fixes for the maps alone. So there will be fewer visual glitches, and collision issues as well. There’s a drastic change in the gameplay and the quality of life sections. and the menu system has been streamlined and is a little less cluttered.

And there is another update that is rumored to drop in later this month which will focus and bring much-needed balance and bug fixes moving forward.

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