Battlefield 2042 Nightbird Stats and How to use

In this essay, I am going to discuss ” Battlefield 2042 nightbird stats “. In Battlefield 2042, the Nightbird is a vehicle. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the Nightbird’s stats, how to unlock it, how to use it, all of the Nightbird’s skins, and all of the Nightbird’s equipment.

About the Game Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042, a first-person shooter game created by DICE, has been released by Electronic Arts. The year is 2021, and the date is November 19. Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Xbox Series X and Series S were among the platforms for the game’s release.

Without a single-player campaign, Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-only game. In contrast to previous Battlefield games, this one has a lot of new features. It’s also the series’ first cross-platform title. When Battlefield 2042 was published, critics were split on the game.

Battlefield 2042 Nightbird Stats and How to Use Them

  • Basic information of nightbird :
Firepower 50 Survivability 60
Maneuverability 80 Speed 50
Seats 4 Faction Personal
Unlock Level 20
  • How to Make the Nightbird Work for You :

The Nightbird makes scouting and infiltrating beyond the enemy area a breeze. Use it to keep an eye on your surroundings and eliminate opposing forces as you go. Don’t worry about going deep; it has a rapid speed that allows it to go in and out of any situation, as well as missile countermeasures that allow it to withstand rocket barrages.

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  • It’s ideal for scouting ahead of time :

Scout enemies with the Nightbird. Because it is a small yet speedy helicopter, your foes will have a difficult time spotting and attacking you. It doesn’t have a lot of firepowers, thus it’s ideal for observing the battlefield and informing your teammates.

Guns and Equipment for Nightbirds :

  • Equipment for commander seats :
  1. 1st Equipment Slot for the Commander: Sensor Array
  2. 2nd Equipment Slot for the Commander: Detection Pulse
  • Equipment for pilot seats :
  1. Primary Weapons for Pilots: Miniguns on Mounts 20mm Cannons Mounted
  2. Pilot Secondary Weapons: Air-to-Ground Missile 70mm Anti-Personnel Rocket Pack
  3. Slot 1: Pilot Equipment: Missile Countermeasures
  4. Pilot Equipment Slot 2: Repair System
Battlefield 2042 Nightbird Stats
Battlefield 2042 Nightbird Stats

How to Unlock Nightbird Equipment :

  • Detection pulse: It is unlocked by default.

Description: The presence of an opponent near the vehicle is detected by an active sensor pulse. This information is shared with all passengers in the car.

  • Sensor Array: Unlocked by default.

Description: All adversaries within your viewpoint will be visible to you.

  • 70mm Anti Personnel Rocket Pack: It is unlocked by default.

Description: Anti-Personnel Rockets with a diameter of 2.75 inches. Medium range and medium speed. Large volleys of up to 14 were fired. For creative uses, consider the pattern and superb splash damage. Designed for use in an air-to-ground environment.

  • Missile Countermeasures: Unlocked by default.

Description: To defeat missile tracking, a combination of thermal and radar countermeasure depots has been install.

  • Mounted Miniguns: It is unlocked by default.

Description : Minigun with 7.62mm calibre for anti-personnel use. The high ROF compensates for the lack of precision. Against armored targets, it is ineffective.

  • Repair System: The Nightbird has a total of 20 kills and assists.

Description: Repairs onboard systems when damaged.

  • Mounted 20mm Cannon: The Nightbird has 60 kills and assists.

Description: 20mm cannon for anti-personnel engagements and soft-hulled vehicles.

  • Air-to-Ground Missile: The Nightbird has 120 kills and assists.

Description: Close air assistance is the goal of this design. Munition with pinpoint accuracy. High-power. Once the weapon is launched, you must maintain a lock on the target. Pop up, fire, track – and then get out of there.

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