How to Level Up FAST in Fortnite Chapter 3

Level Up FAST in FORTNITE Chapter 3; The new chapter of Fortnite has all its players travel to the other side. and it has none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The arrival of the new battle pass which includes fan-favorite Spider-man has generated enough hype to make the fans complete and level up fast.

If you are looking to max out and level fast in the new Chapter 3 of Fortnite and are looking for how to do it. You are at the correct place and on a great article. Within this article, we will give you all the info on how you can level up faster than others in Fortnite.

You can buy all the levels and easily max out in the battle pass, but if you opt for free to play route of unlocking levels, it will be a lot easier and won’t be a burden to your wallet as well. There is so much content in the battle pass, if you complete most of them, you will get the rarest of in-game skins. There is a reason they are available since many players don’t want to complete the entire battle pass.

Level Up FAST in FORTNITE Chapter 3

There are some Tips to Level Up Fast in Fortnite chapter 3.

Weekly  Challenges

Epic Games is well known for rolling out weekly challenges. These weekly challenges are very important to gain XP in Fortnite for leveling up. Sometimes these weekly events will have strong story points included in them. The challenge or required task to complete and gain the XP is often very easy.

There are 3 different types of quests available in the game -Epic, Legendary, and Rare. Completing these quests also rewards the players with a good amount of XP. Most of these tasks are easier to complete and understand as well. If you are having trouble completing there are always many online tutorials on how to complete them.

Loot Boxes

There are so many loot boxes that players don’t open. The main reason is full-on resources. But the loot boxes sometimes contain XP as well. So be sure to check out and open many loot boxes to gain additional XP.

How to Level Up FAST in Fortnite Chapter 3
Level Up FAST in Fortnite Chapter 3



If you pay a little attention, Fortnite offers a lot of milestones for its players. For participating in the games and sometimes for everyday tasks, usually players complete most of the milestones by the end of the season. If you have some additional time, then be sure to check out the milestones and complete them and gain XP.

Play With Friends

Playing with friends is so much more Fun than playing with strangers. There are some tasks in the game that you have to complete with a team. When you have your friends to play along with, it becomes relatively a lot easier, and more fun, and you will be gaining a lot of additional XP to level up faster as well.

Purchase Levels

Yes, Purchasing the levels is the easiest and fastest way to unlock all the levels and XP in Fortnite. and it is one of the main reasons why we have listed this one at the last. Even though you will be spending a little extra on the game. But you will need not worry at all, for the rest of the season in terms of all the levels. You will gain instant access for all the skins and cosmetics the battle pass has to offer.

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