Fortnite White Screen Glitch Fix and Explanation in Chapter 3

Fortnite White Screen Glitch chapter 3: The bulk of Fortnite players were relieved to find that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 would be released on Sunday instead of Tuesday, December 7th, as Epic Games had planned.

However, the chapter was intended to be ready for gamers to play at 10 a.m. ET, but there have been multiple server failures and glitches since that time.

When gamers attempted to log in, they received no permission to play or other issues. This was owing to the large number of players attempting to log in at the same time. As Epic Games stated on the official Fortnite Twitter account that this is the most popular season launch in the game’s history.

Why is the screen of Fortnite on Switch, Xbox, and PS4 white?

On Sunday, December 5th, 2021, some players, like me, had a white screen problem and were perplexed as to why their screen was white. This first occurred for me when the cut scene was playing the first time I logged into the game. However, a growing number of players are encountering the same problem. There is no reason for your screen to be white; it appears that this is caused by the client/game rather than the server.

The whiteout screen is most common on the Nintendo Switch, but it has also been reported on the Xbox and PlayStation 4 (PS4). I experienced this problem on my PC, but I’m not seeing any complaints that it’s still happening.

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White screen Glitch

There is a new glitch on Switch Fortnite solely as of 12/16/20. When the glitch happens, your Game screen will turn a solid white color. And the only method to cure it is to turn off and on the switch, resulting in a system reset.

Screenshots of this glitch are not possible because the system is in “Screen lock mode. This means the screenshot button, and any other button for that matter, will not work; this is because the glitch will disconnect any controller currently connected to the device because the Screen lock mode counts as powering down. Which disconnects the Wireless connection.

Please forward this thread to Epic so that it can be patched as soon as possible. Fortnite on the Switch has a history of long-lasting exclusive issues due to the small number of people who play on the platform, let alone report a bug.

Fortnite White Screen Chapter 3
Fortnite White Screen Chapter 3

How to Fix the White Screen Glitch in Fortnite

If you run across it, there are already a few ways to get around it, and they’re thankfully not too difficult.

Simply restarting the game is the first thing you should try. It should function perfectly after reloading it, albeit it may take a few tries because it appears to be a bit of a lottery.

If restarting does not seem to help, the only other option is to delete and reinstall Fortnite. It will take some time, but it appears to work in most cases.

However, make sure you have the most latest version of Fortnite downloaded before proceeding.

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