Fortnite Split Screen Mode in chapter 3 Season 1

Fortnite Split Screen Mode in chapter 3 Season 1; In Chapter 3, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Fortnite Split Screen. Including if it’s still available in the game and how to use it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With the game now running on Unreal Engine 5, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. It comes with a completely new map, a new battle pass, new features like sliding, and new weather conditions.

About Fortnite

The Fortnite servers are still having troubles, resulting in a big number of gamers being unable to join the game. You’ll be placed in a wait if you try to load the game right now, but there’s a risk it won’t let you in and you’ll have to restart.

A big number of people have been inquiring about the Fortnite split-screen and why it isn’t working for those who can log in and enjoy chapter 3. This has led to debates over whether or not you can still play split-screen in chapter 3 and, if so, how. Everything you need to know is right here.

Is Chapter 3 of Fortnite Split Screen?

The split screenplay is still available in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and is unlikely to be deleted. There have been some glitches in the past, but they have now been resolved, and the split-screen has been available in Fortnite for a long time.

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Split Screen doesn’t work

Although it will be in Chapter 3, it is currently broken thus you cannot play this manner right now. Epic Games briefly deactivated it as they rolled out the new chapter while working to resolve the server troubles. It has not been permanently deleted from the game and will return in a day or two. When Fortnite Status announces that it has been enabling again, we’ll update this post.

How to Play Xbox and PS4 Split Screen

If you’re wondering how to play split-screen on Xbox and PS4, it’s the same as previously. You’ll notice the option for players to log in at the bottom right of the lobby screen once it’s enabled again. This will let the individual with whom you’ll be playing log in to their account. Player 1 will always be in command of the lobby, have access to their locker, and be able to do everything normally.

Fortnite Split Screen Mode in chapter 3 Season 1
Fortnite Split Screen Mode in chapter 3 Season 1

The second player will be allowed to play, the game but will not be able, to make any locker settings or choose a game option. However, player 2 has the option of taking control of the lobby.

When does Will Fortnite Split Screen return?

Unfortunately, no firm date has been set for the comeback of the split-screen in Fortnite. However, as previously said, the removal is temporary and is due to technical difficulties.

Even though fans are raving about Chapter 3 Season 1, there have been numerous server troubles since the game’s release earlier today. The official Fortnite Twitter account replied to the downtime by claiming that it was the game’s “largest Chapter launch ever.”

So, while Epic Games has a lot on their plate right now. The sources say that they are aiming to get the split-screen option back into the game as soon as possible.

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