COD Mobile Holiday OP Event with Mystery Gift

COD Mobile Holiday OP Event with Mystery Gift; Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game for Android and iOS that was created by Ti Mi Studio Group and released by Activision. On October 1, 2019, the game was launched. It was one of the most successful mobile game debuts in history, grossing over US$480 million in a year and attracting 270 million downloads.

About COD Mobile

Battle royale versions with up to 100 players are also available in the game. A player can play by themselves, in a two-man team, or in a four-man squad. Each player chooses an ability at the start of the game, ranging from healing to launching a rocket.

They board a plane that flies in a straight line over the map after all 100 people are ready. Every game, the flight route shifts. Every team is assigned a jump leader, who determines when and where the group will land. [9] Each participant starts with only a knife in their possession.

Players can find and use weapons, vehicles, and things on the map to increase their chances of killing enemies while remaining alive. As the game proceeds, the safe zone on the map diminishes, and players who remain outside it face death.

COD Mobile Holiday OP Event with Mystery Gift

Greetings, Call of Duty: Mobile community! We’re here with another update, this time covering the majority of what’s coming up in December. But first and foremost, we’d want to let you know that our next major update will be available in January!

We’ll have more Battle Royale material, more Multiplayer maps and modes, and lots more that we won’t divulge just yet. Keep an eye on these updates as we move closer to that update for further information on everything.

We were honored, thrilled, and humbled to learn that we had won The Game Awards – Best Mobile Game for 2019! Before we get into everything, we wanted to quickly acknowledge, as you may have seen in-game, that we were honored, thrilled, and humbled to hear that we had won The Game Awards – Best Mobile Game for 2019!

We’ve got lots of gifts, goodies, and swag for you to gather over the next few weeks through events and login incentives, but if you just want to celebrate this win, please login now to get the S36 LMG – Evil Clown. You have till the end of 2019 to claim it and the preceding award.

COD Mobile Holiday OP Event with Mystery Gift
COD Mobile Holiday OP Event with Mystery Gift

Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile features a Trick or Treat event

Trick or Treat is a COD Mobile event. In the Trick or Treat event, you can earn creepy gifts. The Trick or Treat event can be found in the game’s events section, and once you’ve entered it, you’ll see an option to enter your friends’ houses one by one at the top.

Simply tap on the profile of the buddy whose home you want to visit, then tap on the door. Following that, you’ll be given either sweet as a treat or a task as a trick. As a reward for completing the mission, you will receive candy.

To advance to other friends’ houses, you must collect movement points by playing Battle Royale or Multiplayer matches.



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