Rocket League Sideswipe PRE Season

Rocket League Sideswipe PRE Season: Getting ready for the Pre-Season of Rocket League Sideswipe to launch today on iOS and Android, starting in Oceania! Throughout November, Pre-Season will be available in more regions. Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on the Rocket League Sideswipe Twitter account to find out when the Pre-Season will be available in your area. You may start unlocking customizing items and learning your way around the game during Pre-Season before Season 1 comes later this year!

Make sure to join in with your Epic Games Account during the Pre-Season to play Online Matches and gain bonus XP in Rocket League and Sideswipe simply by playing! You guys are going to get a “Bonus Win” in Rocket League. For each and every time you boost your level in Sideswipe. After this, if you guys win an Online Match in Rocket League, there is a chance to receive a bonus XP. Sideswipe Bonus Wins may also be achieved by gaming Rocket League, so take advantage of the bonus XP for both games! More information on how Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe will interact will be available soon!

About Rocket League Sideswipe

In Rocket League Sideswipe, be ready to hit the pitch like never before. With the intuitive touch controls or a controller, you can get into the fast-paced, arcade-style action from anywhere. Use your boost to accelerate or to get off the ground and into the air for some incredible aerial feats. Play Private Matches with your pals or compete online with players from all around the world! Conquer the Difficult Ranks to reach the top of the global scoreboard. Stay in the menus to modify your car and unlock even more goodies using Rocket Pass, which allows users to acquire personalization only by participating in Virtual Games!

Rocket League Sideswipe PRE Season
Rocket League Sideswipe PRE Season

Sideswipe PRE Season

The music for Rocket League Sideswipe is a high-energy remix of the Rocket League sound. We assembled a special selection of fast-paced and cheerful tunes with the help of the leading electronic music label Monstercat, including new singles from chiptune pop/rock band Anamanaguchi and other fan favorites. Check out the whole list of artists and tracks below, and stay connected for the release of the Official Soundtrack!

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Given below is the list of artists and tracks.

  1. Anamanaguchi – Water Resistant (feat. 8485)
  2. Anamanaguchi & Flux Pavilion – Dreams
  3. Bensley – Control Me
  4. Feint – Fading Wind
  5. Justin Hawkes – That Look
  6. Koven – Light Up
  7. MYLK – Mermaid
  8. Protostar – There and Back
  9. Rameses B – Have Fun
  10. Tisoki – MADE 4 THIS

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