One Piece X Fortnite Collab – New Collab

One Piece X Fortnite Collab: The much-awaited and talked Fornite Chapter 2 Season 8 is already underway. And the finale delivered on many more levels than fans expected. The next event will be the grand opening of Chapter 3.

To keep the fans excited about all the content coming for Fortnite. The developers have been teasing so many collaborations with many IPs. and there is one particular tease that many fans have not paid attention to. With Naruto X Fortnite already underway.

The collaboration with Naruto is expected to continue in the new chapter as well. The collaboration received a thumbs-up response, leaving the door open for anime lovers to keep guessing. and the less hyped team-up is with ONE PIECE ANIME.

One Piece X Fortnite

During the early stages of Chapter 2 season 8, Fortnite has officially confirmed the team up Naruto and even dropped a teaser. The excitement almost and completely took the limelight and the One Piece teaser didn’t garner any response. Fortnite has released a glider early this month and if you pay close attention to the glider. It basically confirms The Whale Sailor glider, is almost identical to one character in the anime One Piece.

The character is none other than Baboon and he is a fan-favorite among the audience of One Piece. And even though there are chances of it being false, but the resemblance is uncanny. This might open doors for the anime to bring its fan-favorite characters into the world of Fortnite. And there is a page in Reddit that is especially dedicated to discussing everything related to One Piece coming to Fortnite.

One Piece X Fortnite Collab
One Piece X Fortnite Collab

There are so many fans that are eagerly waiting for the arrival of One Piece to the multiplayer platform. Considering the reception for Naruto, the collaboration is definitely coming much sooner. Not just anime, there are different skins and cosmetics that are rumored to make their debut in Fortnite in the coming days. Chapter 3 opens so many doors for collaborations as well.

One Piece is one of the legendary Anime shows in the entire Anime History. The show is soon to be airing its 1000th episode and there are rumors going around that. The news about Fortnite and One Piece collaborating might come out.

The new Chapter 3 is soon to roll out on all the devices.