New World PTR Announcement Patch Notes

New World PTR Patch Notes: Are you looking for information about the most recent New World update? Although the MMO has been available for a while, updates are continually being released, addressing everything from bug fixes to server transfers.

The most recent New World patch notes may be found in this updated guide, so you’ll know exactly what’s changed in Aeternum. There may be some server downtime depending on the size of the update. If you’re still having difficulties finding a stable world, our New World server guide will show you where to look for the most up-to-date server information.

The latest New Globe update, Into The Void, adds the Void Gauntlet magical weapon as well as the Varangian Knights faction to fight in the world. Most aspects of the game, including PvP, weaponry, skills, and the economy, have also received updates and modifications.

Notes on the Into The Void upgrade in the New World patch (November 18)

Into The Void is the title of the first major update for New World. It’s been in the Public Test Realm for a while, but it’s now making its way into the main game, bringing with it a new magical weapon called the Void Gauntlet and a new enemy faction called the Varangian Knights.

  • The gauntlet is a formidable support/damage weapon that can use the magical trees of Annihilation and Decay to channel the Void.
  • Lord Commander Attalus’ Varangians, on the other side, are vicious raiders currently attacking southeast Aeternum.
  • The Varangian Hewer, Varangian Scout, Varangian Knight, and Varangian Archer are among the faction’s foes.
  • No, they have nothing to do with the Dark Souls 2 opponent of the same name.
  • There are just too many to list here, but the complete patch notes can be found on the official site.

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Notes on the New World PTR Patch: 1.0.5 (November 3)

Sellers of Coins

We’re aware that many of you have noticed the annoying chat messages from players spamming messages, and we’re working on a solution. Many coin vendors were creating new characters and transferring money to other accounts, according to our findings.

New World PTR Patch Notes
New World PTR Patch Notes


Players were able to replicate stuff via storage sheds and crafting stations due to a Glitch. We fixed the issue of gold duplication on territorial projects. We can introduce it by disabling trading, and we made sure it wouldn’t happen again if we had to disable trading again in the future.

New World PTR Patch Notes

  • The server transfer framework’s last elements has been implemented.
  • The World selection UI has been improved.
  • When a player is kicked for going AFK or violating the EAC, the message is more clear.
  • When stacking discounts are present, such as territorial standing and faction discounts on property taxes, clearer information has been included.
  • Respawn times for Boatswain Ambrose and other elite adversaries around the world have been adjusted.
  • Players should now be in the arena to damage Thorpe in The Depths.
  • When players try to buy their own products in Trading Post, they get an error warning..
  • Reverted an update 1.0.2 chest/loot adjustment that was causing too many refining reagents to roll out of chests.
  • On the Amazon Games splash screen, I changed the volume.
  • Armor now has a maximum of one weapon mastery perk per item
  • Previously, you could have different weapons with different benefits.
  • Perks for weapon mastery will not be deleted from items created prior to this update.
  • Visual artifacts and graphics settings now have better overall performance.
  • After invasions, the territory remains in a state of conflict, and war can be proclaim.

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