NBA 2K22 VC Glitch – Next Gen & Current Gen

NBA 2k22 VC Glitch: NBA 2K22 IS AN EXCELLENT NBA BASKETBALL SIMULATOR, but it’s impossible to overlook the fact that the latest iteration in the long-running series involves a very tedious slog for the in-game “Virtual Currency,” or VC.

Members of the NBA 2K community have returned with a new round of “glitches” aimed at accumulating a large amount of cash in a short amount of time.

After the next-gen update 1.06, we’ve highlighte some of the most-discusing approaches being use by players. However, before we get into the approaches, we think it’s important to explain a few points. For starters, they aren’t quick strategies to get 100,000 VC with no work. Instead, these are usually merely shorter-form grinds that take less time to complete in order to earn a decent amount of money.

NBA 2k22 VC Glitch

The community has coined the name “glitch” to describe these approaches, although they require far more commitment than they look. These flaws won’t be worth it to you unless you’re ready to perform a lot of rinses and repeat for the extra money.

It should also be mention that, as with any VC glitches in the NBA 2K series, employing these tactics in an evident manner may result in your account being ban. Even though 2K has been less harsh in issuing these kinds of punishments recently. Keep in mind that using any unapproved route to obtain VC is a risk.

As a result, we are not liable for any disciplinary action that may come from exploiting these flaws. Let’s get to the good stuff now that we’ve covered all of our bases.

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Players discovered they could acquire easy VC by abandoning the next-gen edition of NBA 2K22 just as their first game at Brinkley’s Gym was about to end shortly after its release.

In the most recent update to 2K22, this is still technically doable, but there’s a new wrinkle in the procedure. You must win the game each time in order to receive your VC and badge advancement.

NBA 2K22 VC Glitch
NBA 2K22 VC Glitch

So, go to Brinkley’s Gym, which is marked on your City map, and open up you’re My Career, preferably on a new profile that has complete all of the introductory tutorials.

NBA 2K22 VC Glitch Next Gen

Enter the building and chat to the NPC inside to start your first game. Quit the game as soon as your badge progress loads at the end of the match. Reload the vehicle and accelerate by hitting the right bumper.

If the glitch is done correctly, the game will act as if you’ve never play the game before, but you’ll keep any badge progress or VC you won from the prior win. So, simply keep playing your initial game, winning, and profiting.


Another simple VC strategy that’s been making ripples in the 2K community over the last several hours leverages a current-gen court issue. This glitch is most effective on the 10k VC courts, although it may be used on any court if you only want to get a tiny reward.

The major trick, as Geminis points out in his video, necessitates a completely empty court and a great deal of coordination. Allow two squads to load in, then wait five seconds after your player name becomes white after all players have arrived, and have one team of three depart the game together. The quitters will not lose their 10,000 VC, and those who remain can face off against some extremely simple AI opponents.

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