How to Shoot in NBA 2k22 with Shot Meter

Shoot in NBA 2k22 with Shot Meter: The season of NBA 2K22 is in full swing, and there’s plenty of content for gamers to get their hands on right away, whether it’s the new adjustments in franchise mode or battling within The City, you’ll be on the court in some capacity.

The shot meter, though, has been given a new coat of paint this year, and with a new bar for players to scale their shots off of, it can be a little tough to learn right away. Since the game’s debut, this new meter has caused a slew of issues, and we’ll go over how you can perfect NBA 2K22 shooting for your My Player.

NBA 2K22 Shot Meter

NBA 2K22 contains a new shot meter that measures the quality of your shots during a game. If you have two defenders on you past the three-point line, as opposed to a wide-open mid-range shot, you will not have a vast meter to get perfect.

2K wants you to think before you pull up for a shot, rather than depending on your honed shooting skills to get you to the finish line. So, while the shot meter will appear similar to prior years, the gauge will directly vary dependent on the aforementioned shot quality.

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In NBA 2K22, how can you change the shot meter?

The first step in changing the NBA 2K22 shot meter settings is to go into the Controller Settings menu. You can do so by selecting Features from the main menu or by selecting Options from the match’s pause menu. Simply select the Shot Meter option in the Controller Settings menu and alter the setting to whatever you wish.

The changes will be the same regardless of how you go about it. Now, which Shot Meter options you utilize will be entirely dependent on your overall skill level; for example, if you’re not adept at making shots without the extra help, you shouldn’t turn it off completely.

Turning it off, on the other hand, has its advantages, which take us to our next topic.

How to Shoot in NBA 2k22 with Shot Meter
How to Shoot in NBA 2k22 with Shot Meter

Best shooting badges in NBA 2K22

Badges are basically perks that your player has when playing NBA 2K22, and the way you build your My Player build will determine how many shooting badges you can employ.

There are a lot of options in this category, and some of them will help you shoot better in NBA 2K22. We’ll go over some of the best ones down below:

  1. Chef
  2. Spot up with No Limits
  3. Catch and Fire
  4. Deadeye
  5. Blinders
  6. Specialist in the corner

All of them will improve the shooting gauge in some ways and allow you to have better shooting metrics from specific areas of the court.

In NBA 2K22, learn how to master shooting

When it comes to photography, one of the most important things to perfect is time. This is crucial because if you can gain a feel for your player’s shot meter and sweet spot, you should be able to let go of the button/pro stick just in time.

Certain mechanics, like any other sport, take time to learn, and shooting is no exception in NBA 2K. However, using specific My Player builds and badges will pay off in the long run.

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