Battlefield 2042 Mouse Only Up and Down Issue

Battlefield 2042 Mouse Only Up and Down Issue: You’re not alone if you can’t look left or right with the mouse in Battlefield 2042 after Update 3. The most recent version ruined mouse targeting, but it’s a simple remedy.

Update 3 for Battlefield 2042 is now available, and while it contains numerous bug fixes and improvements, it also contains a few unintentional new issues and quirks. Some PC gamers have been unable to move their mouse horizontally since Battlefield 2042’s Update #3. A senior DICE developer, on the other hand, has revealed some solutions.

Mouse Problems in Battlefield 2042 on PC

Update #3 for Battlefield 2042 added a slew of much-needed updates to the game, including improved hit registration and simplified menu navigation. However, it appears that this has resulted in PC gamers being unable to move their mouse left and right.

DICE’s Lead Game Designer Florian ‘DRUNKKZ3’ Le Bihan was quick to respond, offering players alternatives that have been validated to solve the problem.

  • Reset keybindings when you’re on your feet
  • Reset the keybindings in Battlefield 2042.3
  • Delete Battlefield 2042 file lines that you don’t want.
  • Remove the Battlefield 2042 Documents folder from your computer.

If your mouse isn’t working in Battlefield 2042, use this technique to get it working again.

The third major update for Battlefield 2042 has just been released, and things aren’t looking good. Not only may gamers no longer connect to a server, but they can also lose a lot of control over their mouse. DICE has already confirmed that it is working on a solution to the persistent data problem. Even if you can nail down the distance, you’ll have to put in some real effort.

The Battlefield 2042 player count has dropped in the middle of nowhere right now. And, despite the fact that the Battlefield 2042 Version 3 patch notes indicate that changes are on the way, the current update is nearly unplayable.

The Horizontal Input of the Mouse is Broken in the Battlefield 2042 Update

This is a brand-new update. Players in Battlefield 2042 are reporting that their mouse isn’t tracking horizontal inputs. Even if you’re now a player who can connect to the server, it appears like things aren’t looking well for PC users. More fan reports reveal that a mouse in Battlefield 2042 does not work as intended.

There’s a decent approach to reintroduce him to the game, especially in the first place. You should be able to find some work on your own.

Battlefield 2042 Mouse Only Up and Down Issue
Battlefield 2042 Mouse Only Up and Down Issue

How to resolve the issue in Battlefield 2042

Twitter’s official solution to the problem, Battlefield Direct Communication, is to restore the games’ default settings. Go to My Documents and Settings and delete the Profescoes folder to fix your Battlefield 2042 mouse. This will clear all of the game’s settings and save you time.

However, if you want to tweak your mouse settings, some users have claimed that the following method works well:

  • Go to Settings under My Documents > Battlefield 2042.
  • Notepad is used to open PROFSAVE.
  • ConceptYaw’s page.
  • All of the lines should be turned off, and all of the files should be saved.

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