Battlefield 2042 Can’t Look Left or Right : Bug FIXED!

Battlefield 2042 Can’t Look Left or Right Bug FIXED: In an ever-growing list of bugs found in Battlefield 2042. There is another one that is recently reported and discovered by many. The bug came out after the latest update released by the developers.

It is important to know this is the third update released by  EA, for Battlefield 2042. Generally, the updates solve the bugs in the game, instead of creating a new one. After the new update, the game became even more unstable to play and keeps crashing.

The bugs don’t allow the gamers to look either left or right – in simpler words – you won’t be able to look around at all. The bug has been reported by so many users and Dice has released an official statement regarding the mess up created by their new update. This issue can be noticed mainly on PC, so gamers on the console can take a deep breath.

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Battlefield 2042 Can’t Look Left or Right Bug

Update 3 is fairly large when compared to the previous one released for Battlefield 2042. The update came live on Thursday and after it went live, it was noticed that the users can’t aim, the players can’t look left or right also. Which are very very important if you are playing shooter-based games. The said bug is a major one and ruins the entire gameplay experience. But the bug has a fix and it comes at a very serious cost.

Battlefield 2042 Can't Look Left or Right
Battlefield 2042 Can’t Look Left or Right


What is The Fix

Fixing the bug does come at a serious cost of deleting your saved folders. Read on further to know more about fixing the bug that is ruining the game play experience for PC gamers.

You will have to delete the whole settings folder.

Yes, this is the only possible fix that is available at present and is officially revealed by the developer of Battlefield 2042. Here are the following steps that you need to follow to fix the bug as suggested by EA.

Steps to Follow

  • Brows and go to C:/Users/[Your Account Name]/Documents/Battlefield 2042
  • After finding the folder -Delete the entire folder of Battlefield
  • Doing this won’t delete your game at all.
  • You are deleting all the pre-saved settings.
  • Restart Battlefield 2042.
  • A new folder will be created with all the default settings.
  • Adjust and fine-tune your settings -according to your needs and usage.

There is another way of fixing the bug as well- but it involves deleting specific and relevant lines of code from the game and is a lot risker and might delete the much-needed code lines for the game as well. We recommend not to follow that fix and so we haven’t mentioned it in our article as well.

Deleting the settings folder as mentioned above, will provide you with a solution and let you bounce back into the world of Battlefield 2042.

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