Fortnite Foundation Skin – New Fortnite Skin in Chapter 3

Fortnite Foundation Skin: The Foundation is an Epic Outfit in Fortnite: Battle Royale. originally featured in the Zero Crisis Finale event in Chapter 3. When he has imprisoned himself within The Zero Point to stabilize it. The Foundation is The Seven’s leader and the fourth member is reveling soon.


The Foundation is The Seven’s creator and commander. He is a sentient biological being in a suit that has kept him alive in limitless worlds and Nothing beyond them. He knows a lot about The Zero Point and The Cube.

Suit Abilities

  • AI Assistant
  • Immune to The Loop
  • Flying
  • Super Strength
  • Self Repair
  • Infinite Shield
  • Heat Burst


Time Period Is Unknown. The Foundation was stuck in The Loop, but they were able to escape.

Agent Jones betrays The Imagined Order and approaches The Seven for assistance in stabilizing The Zero Point.

He calibrates his Portal Device and tosses it into The Zero Point, causing The Foundation’s meteor to be rifted onto the island. Jones is attacked by the Foundation once he emerges from his capsule, headbutting him and kicking him onto a rock. Jones, on the other hand, persuades The Foundation to assist in stabilizing The Zero Point in exchange for bringing him to Gen and The Sisters. The Foundation untangles and seeks to stabilize The Zero Point in the succeeding Zero Crisis Finale event, as it regularly emits reality waves that arbitrarily disrupt the very fabric of spacetime. However, after The Foundation fails to stabilize The Zero Point, he chooses to build The Spire to contain the implosion, thereby trapping himself inside The Zero Point. As this happens, The Zero Point sends forth the last reality wave, reverting the island to prehistoric times.

Fortnite Foundation Skin
Fortnite Foundation Skin

The Last Reality arrives on the island in search of The Zero Point. They smash the Spire with The Mothership, transforming it into The Aftermath. The invaders are defeating, and The Zero Point is forcing back into The Bridge. The Foundation was blowing out of The Zero Point into Reality NF-1935, The DC Universe, and hurled into an ocean during this catastrophe. As established in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Issue #6, this was owing to the DC Universe being the last aligning reality to which the Zero Point had linked. As he dropped and smashed into the water, his helmet lights went out and his body became motionless. This implies that The Zero Point sapped all of his vitality.
For the rest of the season, the Foundation lay dormant on the seafloor in Reality NF-1935.

Foundation (Batman/Fortnite)

He reveals to Batman the aim of The Seven, the genesis of The Zero Point, and The IO’s ambitions, as well as assisting him in closing the rift above Metropolis. He returns to the Island, evades the Loop “again,” and is now looking for Agent Jones.

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