Why is Battlefield 2042 Getting So Much Hate

Why does Battlefield 2042 look so bad: Battlefield 2042 is one of the highly anticipated games of 2021. And within a week of its global-wide launch, the game became one of the worst games on Steam. And the game is currently on the list of 250 worst games of all time. The game is bombarded with so many negative reviews. and all of them are accurate enough.

In this article, we will take a little deeper look at what has gone wrong with the new Battlefield 2042. Initially during the time of beta trials, many have reported that the game is completely riddled with bugs. And many rightfully believed that it was just testing and by the time of launch, everything would be alright. But that wasn’t the case. There were repeated attempts by EA to showcase false numbers and market Battlefield 2042 as one of the best-launched games. and it failed completely.

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Directionless Story

The latest installment in the blockbuster Battlefield game franchise jumps into the future and our soldier is motivated to participate in the war due to the climate crisis and many other issues. The story does offer a variety of opportunities to play through, but the route developers have taken has many questions arising. The pollution in the player world is so dense. It has satellites crashing back into the planet and causing a global blackout. And every nation instead of joining hands they start a war. Enjoyable storyline but wasted in every way imaginable.

which in turn becomes and results in a game that is cold and hateful and multiplayer support doesn’t offer help. But makes it even worse.

The game Battlefield 2042, drops its entire setup in the first few minutes and then starts all the even more unexpected frustrations.

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Lack of Single Player

Given the explicit and brutal storyline, developers should have at least given a chance at exploring the world through single-player mode. But the developers have entirely dropped out of the single-player mode. Instead, we have three different and very varying depths of multiplayer opportunities in the wreckage of a world and story.


Flawed Multiplayer System

As mentioned the game offers varied depths of multiplayer and is most familiar one is All Out Warfare, and the other is Conquest Mode and the return of breakthrough mode. All the mentioned multiplayer modes only focus on larger scaled campaigns. The multiplayer system offers to group 128 players at a time, but never delivers on it.

The game becomes a parody at this exact point. The vehicles and the soldiers and the backdrops are constantly meshed and dingy. The rendering of these atmospheres takes way too much time. Even after rendering the maps look super spacious only to become points for sniping. and don’t necessarily a proper playstyle the game is offering. Neither the all-out warfare nor conquest mode work with the maps. The dynamic map changes that were marketed for a long time, become cartoonish at last.

Matches in any mode don’t deliver the grandeur and move forward the story. The entire story setup becomes meaningless.


Why is Battlefield 2042 Getting So Much Hate
Why does Battlefield 2042 look so bad

Bugs and More Bugs

There is a huge list of bugs and issues that are actually accepted by developers of Battlefield 2042. and there is another bigger list of the bugs and crashes, that is not officially accepted by the developers. It is still a wonder, how anyone in the team of developers thought the game was ready for launch. The game is completely unbalanced and almost feels like it wanted to operate on two levels and never even landed on one proper level to be precise.

The only brighter aspects of Battlefield 2042 are its advancement in time and the various advanced machinery and weaponry and somehow none of them even deliver due to bugs. But there are some brighter aspects to the game as well.


Hazard Zone

Hazard Zone is a little less clumsy and more focused mode at offering. Battlefield 2042 offers a hazard zone, a multi-player mode that has 32 players, and a mission that is objective-based but the story doesn’t move forward. In this battle royale mode, the objective is to locate the fallen pods from a satellite.

This mode does offer a little variety but you need to work together as a team to survive. But you would end up dying very early and not carrying yourself till the extraction point. The entire hazard zone is one of the most promising things that came out of Battlefield 2042. The action in this zone is very well set and the set pieces are designed are there to elevate the gaming experience. The entire pacing is very well set which has you dropping into the zone with your teammates.

But the rest of Battlefield 2042 doesn’t even remotely feel like they are sharing the same DNA. The much-hyped and talked Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode is a complete mess that just offers less rendered versions of the previous titles from Battlefield games.

If everything that was promised by the developers of Battlefield 2042 was delivered. It would make for one hell of an addictive game. but the end result is hell. The game patch works would take some more time to deploy and for the gamers to notice the changes. The end result is the game that proves the statement -Bigger is never actually better than most expect it to be and Battlefield 2042 is the best example for it.

Battlefield 2042 is developed by DICE and published by EA. The game is available for PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X&S, and Xbox One and on PC.

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