How To Earn Long Shot Medal in COD Mobile?

Earn Long Shot Medal in COD:  COD Mobile has a variety of medals that players may earn for various achievements. These medals are often necessary to accomplish various event tasks that grant gamers access to free gifts. Some medals are a little more difficult to obtain, while others are rather simple. The Longshot medal is one of the most infamous medals to get in COD Mobile. The goal is simple: all players must do is kill other players from a considerable distance. While grinding this objective with snipers appears to be the best option, things become tougher when players must obtain this medal using SMGs and assault guns. We are going to tell you all the necessary information regarding this topic. To get more information about this topic read this article further.

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Why do players in COD Mobile require the Longshot medal?

Aside from finishing Seasonal and Featured events, COD Mobie players must earn Longshot medals in order to obtain completionist camo. To obtain the Gold base camo, players must kill many longshots with the specified weapon. The number of longshot medals necessary varies per weapon.

To obtain Damascus and Diamond camo, players must first acquire Gold camo. The majority of the camo grinding takes occur on minor maps like Shipment 2019 or Rust.

Longshot kills, on the other hand, become extremely tough to obtain on tiny maps. The ideal distance necessary to get this kill may be perplexing, and players may receive a slew of kills but they will not be credited as longshot kills. Grinding camos on larger levels may be tedious because kills do not come quickly and COD Mobile players must wait for foes to spawn. Maps with three lanes, such as Crossfire and Firing Range, make it difficult to estimate when the opponent will spawn.

One Shot One Kill Medal in COD Mobile

How can I quickly obtain Longshot medals?

Using an optic on the weapon is the simplest technique to ensure longshot kills. This may appear to be superfluous, but a basic optic may save a lot of ammunition that would otherwise be spent while spraying the opponent at range.

Because SMGs are not designed for long-range engagements, they are the most difficult to kill with. However, players must construct the gunsmith build such that long-range rounds do not fly off due to recoil.

Also, having a solid map awareness will help COD Mobile players to forecast spawns and move quickly to achieve the most kills before others start engaging. The greatest advice is to use the UAV scorestreak to acquire intelligence on enemy positions.

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