Get CS Rank Season 10 Rewards Free Fire

Get CS Rank Season 10 Rewards

Get CS Rank Season 10 Rewards. Following the Booyah Day update on August 4, 2021, Free Fire (FF) received its Clash Squad Ranked Season 9 the very next day, on September 29, 2021. The Clash Squad (CS) Ranked Season 9 (S9), like previous seasons, will span around two months and will conclude on November 30, 2021, at 11:59:59 PM IST. This was all the schedule of the free fire for the upcoming time. You guys will get the hint from this.

The most recent Season 9 introduced various improvements to the Clash Squad format, including a 6 versus. 6 game mode. The whole changelog is available. In this post, we will go over all of the specifics for the forthcoming Clash Squad Ranked Season 10. we are going to cover all the detailed information about this topic to get more information about this topic read the article further.

Clash Squad Ranked Season 10

With each ranked season of Clash Squad, several modest awards, as well as one major prize, are added to the game. The primary reward is generally a golden skin of a gun, however, for Season 10, it will be Golden UMP. After attaining the Gold-III tier in clash squad-ranked matches, all players can claim it. However, Character fragments, play cards, certificates, and other modest incentives are available.

However, they are the kinds of prizes that no gamer bothers with. We will recommend you not to miss this chance. By garbing this opportunity you can stand a chance to receive the prizes. Given below is the list of the rewards.

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The following are the primary awards from past seasons:

  1. Season-1 – Golden Desert Eagle
  2. Season-2 – Golden G18
  3. Season-3 – Golden FAMAS
  4. Season-4 – Golden P90
  5. Season-5 – Golden MP5
  6. Season-6 – Golden M500
  7. Season-7 – Golden M1014
  8. Season-8 – Golden AN94
  9. Season-9 – Golden M4A1
  10. Season-10 – Golden UMP

Season 10 Rank Reset:

The following is the tier reset/rank drop mechanism that will be used at the end of Clash Squad Ranked Season 9:

  1. Heroic – Gold II
  2. Diamond (I-IV) – Gold I
  3. Platinum (I-IV) – Silver II
  4. Gold (I-IV) – Silver I
  5. Silver (I-III) – Bronze II
  6. Bronze (I-III) – Bronze I

After Ranked Season 9 concludes on December 1, 2021, the above-mentioned rank reset procedure will be implemented. With the commencement of Ranked Season 10, a player’s highest tier will be ‘Gold II.’ So put in your best effort and try to improve your rank before the season concludes!

Hope so this article was helpful for you. We always keep covering all the recent updates and news regarding Free Fire. To receive all the latest updates from free fire as well as other battle royale games, Stay tuned with us. Thank You!

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