Fortnite Fish Collection & Location Chapter 3

Fortnite Fish Collection & Location: We are again here with the new topic. We are going to cover information on fish collection in Fortnite. Fish are consumable goods that players can obtain by using the Fishing mechanism. There are currently 44 fish models in all, divided into 8 sub-categories or types of fish (with 2 exceptions). Each category or variety of fish provides the player with a distinct effect/ability. So we are going to provide you with detail as well as brief information about this topic. This information will while you are paying for the game. As there are 44 different models o you guys may get confusion among them. So if you guys want to know about the fish collection in Fortnite. You are at the right place. So to get more information about this topic read this article further.

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Fortnite Fish Collection

There are presently 44 fish models available as part of the Fishing mechanic, with 9 distinct sub-categories of fish. Each type of fish provides the player with a distinct benefit or ability, as detailed below:

  • Floppers may be ingested to gain 40 health up to a maximum of 100 health also.
  • By eating Slurpfish can give you  40 health and/or shield, up to a maximum of 100 health and shield.
  • Crushing jellyfish grants 20 health and/or shields to all nearby players. (This is similar to the Chug Splash.)
  • Following Shieldfish can give you  50 shield points up to a maximum of 100 shield points.
  • Consuming Shadow Floppers allows you to turn into a Shadow.
  • Consume Spicy Fish to get 15 health and a short speed boost.
  • Small Fry can give you on eating 25 health up to 75 health.
  • Consume Hop Flopper to get 15 health as well as a temporary low gravity effect.
  • Cuddle Fish maybe toss on the ground/walls and explode when opponents approach Midas Flopper, a fish that elevates your whole inventory to Legendary rarity also.
  • Vendetta Flopper, a fish that denotes the location of the nearest adversary.
  • Consume Thermal Fish to get 15 health and temporary thermal vision.
  • Consume Snowy Flopper to acquire frozen feet and 15 health.
    Zero Point Fish may be devoured to get the zero point’s benefits as well as 15 health.
  • Rift Fish may be devoured to generate a rift (similar to a Rift-To-Go) while also providing 15 health.
  • Stink Floppers can be tossed to simulate the effect of a Stink Bomb or eaten to simulate the impact of a Flopper.
Fortnite Fish Collection & Location

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