New Mountain Bike coming in BGMI & PUBG: Full Details

New Mountain Bike coming in BGMI & PUBG

New Mountain Bike coming in BGMI & PUBG: PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games globally. Its Indian variant BGMI is one of the most popular games currently in India. After banning the PUBG Mobile which was owned by Tencent Games, Krafton took the development role of BGMI.

PUBG & BGMI developers provide monthly updates with a new theme with new concepts & looks. In this article, we are going to some leaks about the upcoming updates in this game.

According to the reports, a new Vehicle is making its debut in BGMI as well as PUBG Mobile. This vehicle already made its debut in the PUBG PC version. So there is a high chance that this vehicle may come very soon in the mobile version as well. So here let’s discuss some details about this new vehicle & some tips that you should know.

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New Mountain Bike coming in BGMI & PUBG: Full Details

Initially, PUBG Mobile was released in 2019 March globally. Initially, players don’t know about this game. But it’s now a common trend among youngsters. As per some reports, there are 6 youngsters among 10 playing the game. So yes, it’s one of the top-grossing mobile games in the gaming community currently all around the globe.

BGMI is the game that is the PUBG with an Indian server. It is not very different from PUBG, that is why the events from the PUBG also come to the BGMI. Of course, some new events come to BGMI especially for India, but more or fewer events are the same.

PUBG & BGMI will be introducing a new vehicle in upcoming updates, a Mountain Bike for the players. According to the leaks, the vehicle is already available in the PUBG PC version. So now Mobile version developers also going to provide the same that we can expect.

Here is some information about this new vehicle.

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A New Vehicle Making Its Debut- Mountain Bike

With the versatility of the vehicle collections in PUBG & BGMI, a new vehicle, Mountain Bike will be added soon. But this Mountain Bike will be a lot more different compared to other vehicles. Here are some details-

  • You will be able to carry Mountain Bikes in your bag. Yes, you heard it right! But of course, you can carry only one Bike at a time.
  • The Bike will be indestructible. So firing bullets & even grenading it will not affect it.
  • It will take very little space in the bag. So anyone can carry it.
  • No fuels are needed. So you can drive one bike throughout the map without any worries.
  • You can give the vehicle to your teammates.
  • Lastly, You can get this Bike as a loot like weapons & utilities.

So that’s all for this article. We hope you have gotten detailed information about the upcoming Mountain Bike in PUBG as well as in BGMI. Stay tuned to us for more updates & news.

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