How To Change Affiliation in NBA 2K22

Change Affiliation in NBA 2K22: NBA game has gained a huge name in the gaming industry. We all know bout the fact that 2k games have gained so much love. In the hearts of players all over the world. in addition, 2k22 is one of the best series. The 2k games have launched in the overall game series since its very beginning. The current version is full of exciting events and rewards. Players are going crazy after it and without any wastage of time players are all set to enjoy. What 2k games have to offer to their hardcore players of the game.

The gaming industry is such an industry that is no lesser than that of the other famous industries. All over the world, the game is full of features. There are an end number of features in the game that being said. We will be talking about affiliation in the game. Basically how to change the affiliation in NBA 2k22. 

How TO Change it?

There are four affiliations in the game and from that, you will be assigned one from those four affiliations. As you will be starting to play the game in Mycareer with your My player. The thing here is that it is not hard to change the affiliation in the game. In order to change the affiliation in the game, You need to head to the town hall of the affiliation. That you want to join within the game. That is very easy too. All you need to do is that you have to see. That is on the map in the game and you can change the affiliation.

Change Affiliation in NBA 2K22

Or we can say you can switch to the affiliation of your own choice in the game. Once you have located the affiliation with the help of the map. Now what you have to do is you need to talk to the guards. Which you will find in the front and this whole process will bring up the affiliation switch screen. From there you need to select the affiliation. To which you want to switch.

Think Twice Before Changing Affiliation in NBA 2K22

The thing which needs to be emphasized. Is that once you switch the affiliation in the game. Your achievements in the previous affiliation will be terminated. Or we can say that the player. Will have to start from the beginning. In the new affiliation so you better think twice before changing the affiliation.

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