Fortnite x Jordan Skin Collaboration

Fortnite x Air Jordan Skin: Fortnite is again up with the new collaboration. Earlier we were hearing the rumors of this collaboration. But this time the news is true. Many of the players are already eager for this collaboration. In this article, we are going to provide you with each and every detail regarding this collaboration. As we all know every collaboration brings something new to the game. It may bring new events new skins, new characters, new cosmetics, as well as many more things also. This collaboration was in talks for the last few months. That’s why the eagerness in the players is going to peak. Actually, this collaboration will bring a new character to the game. And as we all know new character always creates different fan base was among the players. That is why there is huge excitement in all the Fortnite players.

Fortnite x Air Jordan Skin

This collaboration in the hunting bundle is due to different new skins. They are going to feature some of the streets where clothes are in the Jordan brand. The two different skins are having two different styles also. If you guys want to get these two different styles you have to complete the mission likewise. Different missions will give you different skins in the reward. The cost for this bundle is 1800 V Bucks. Likewise, the bundle is affordable not so expensive. If you guys are wishing to buy this bundle you can directly buy it from the item shop. This will become more convenient if you can buy this bundle.

If you guys don’t want to purchase these skins off the Fortnite X Jordan collaboration. You Can earn different cool cosmetics by completing some missions. The backboard back bling in multiple styles can be earned by completing some of the missions. You can also earn 2 sprays by completing the challenge, in the downtown drop LTM.

Downtown Drop LTM Challenges

Change the color of 1,000 tiles (1,000)

You have to change the color of 1000 tiles to complete this mission.

Dance or emote between two food trucks (1)

To complete this mission you have to dance for remote between two food trucks.

Go faster than 30 through both speed traps (1)

You have to travel faster than 30 through both speed traps. By completing this mission you will get the respective award also.

Hit any of the tricks jump on either the crane, elevated train, or fence (1)

This mission is coming soon.

Hit any of the tricks jump on either the crane, elevated train, or fence (1)

This mission is also coming soon.

Fortnite x Air Jordan Skin
Fortnite x Air Jordan Skin

So these are some of the missions that can provide you respect to Rewards. Hope so this article was helpful for you. We always keep covering all the recent and latest updates regarding Fortnite. If you want to receive all the latest updates from all the Battle Royale games stay tuned with us.

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