Everything About New Jackal in Rocket League

New Jackal in Rocket League: Rocket League fans it’s time to rejoice and bring out your creativity in painting. Rocket League unannouncedly released a car into the item shop. The Jackal was noticed in the trading shop and even the regular traders were confused too.

The Jackal is one of the rare cars that many fans of rocket league have always wanted. And it is on rare occasions that many can spot it in the items shop. With the release of the Jackal, fans are in a frenzy and are already putting together their designs and variations of the beloved car.

In the previous season of Rocket League, Dingo was the unannounced car that surprised all the rocket league gamers, and this year it’s the turn of the Jackal to do the duties. and there were also strong rumors that this car might not feature in the seasonal rocket pass, but sooner or later it will make its way.

About the Jackal

  • The Jackal is an import car, which as expected brings in a whole lot of possible and creative customizations.
  • The Dingo, The Jackal, and the Fennec are some of the prominent import cars.
  • There are absolutely no rules or barriers in customizing these cars.
  • The Jackal comes with an Octane Hitbox at present.
  • And the octane hitbox fares equally and almost in the same way with the Dingo as well.
New Jackal in Rocket League

If you are one of the gamers that have been using the dingo or the fennec for quite a period of time. Then the newly introduced Jackal would perfectly suit the bill for you. The hitbox is also interchangeable. The Jackal performs in the same way as the Dingo and the Fennec with an octane hitbox.

But if you are really on the lookout for bringing out the best performance, Jackal would go best in hand with a Hybrid Hitbox and there will be very noticeable differences as well. But with octane hitbox at hand, the differences wouldn’t be much noticeable between a Dingo and a Fennec with the Octane hitboxes. Every side of the car looks equally better.

The Jackals and its octane hitbox don’t have any major disadvantages at all. There is so much room for decals as well. The Jackal is currently available in the shop for 500 credits. The car currently comes in a Burnt Sienna version and there are strong rumors going around that there might be another version coming soon to the shop.

If there are any developments or updates, you can rely on us to deliver the info. Stay Tuned.

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