BGMI 1.8 Update Leaks and New Features

BGMI 1.8 Update Leaks and New Features. The Arcane collaboration has turned out to be one of the best updates in BGMI so far. Players are enjoying it so much they can’t get enough of it. So, we have a few leaks about the upcoming BGMI 1.8 updates.

Many players want to know about the upcoming 1.8 updates in BGMI. In this article, readers are going to know everything about the BGMI 1.8 Update Leaks and New Features.

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BGMI 1.8 Update Leaks and New Features:

BGMl 1.8 Update Leak and New Features

Vikendi 2.0:

Players have been waiting for Vikendi 2.0 longer than they have for any other feature. Vikendi 2.0 leaks were reveals by the creator himself a few months ago. However, there have been numerous upgrades since then, but the Vikendi 2.0 map was never release with that update. Now we may anticipate Vikendi 2.0 to release alongside the 1.8 updates.

Dirt Bike:

If Vikendi 2.0 is there in the game’s 1.8 updates, there’s a good probability that Dirt Bike will be there as well. Dirt Bike is currently available in the PC version of PUBG, with which you may perform fantastic tricks. This is a foreshadowing of what would be coming in the BGMI/PUBG Mobile 1.8 release.


AC VAL is a revolutionary new rifle that has just been released in Game for Peace. If we talk about bullet size, this gun’s bullet size is 9mm, which means that the gun’s damage is typical, which means that it may be compared to the VSS pistol.

Lynx AMR Sniper:

The Lynx AMR is a fantastic weapon. When it comes to the category, the Lynx AMR is a sniper weapon. The Lynx AMR sniper rifle is considerably more lethal than the AWM. Since it can also penetrate armor and can kill vehicles with just two or three rounds.

We really hope from reading our content, readers are able to find everything about the BGMI 1.8 Update Leaks and New Features.

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