How to Fix Error Code 15-7A in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Error 15-7A: Battlefield 2042 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. The game has opened to some polarizing reactions from the gaming community. The game is riddled with game crashing bugs and so many errors.

We at curated ways to fix a recent error. The issue that’s discussed in our article today is error 15-7a. Even after two weeks, Battlefield 2042 is suffering from so many issues. There are so many issues like players being unable to adjust their screen size, game crashing, and incompatibility with DirectX.

These are some of the technical issues and there are so many other design issues as well.

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What is Battlefield 2042 ERROR 15-7A

Error 15-7a, 5:600p in Battlefield 2042: 7a – these are the errors that pop up when the game has crashed. The error mostly happens due to latency issues and is completely due to faults in the backend. Dice has acknowledged this issue and there are fixes that are being developed.

Battlefield 2042 Error 15-7A

Can we fix Battlefield 2042 Error 15-7A

Even developers of Battlefield 2042 have acknowledged the issue ,but haven’t released an official fix stating the same. But there are other ways this error we could be fixed. Read through the article for more info on this.

Steps to Fix error 15-7a

  • Check your internet connection: Have a quick check with the internet connectivity and check whether other games are working or not.
  • Restart the Modem: Turn off and switch on the modem after 5 minutes.
  • Clear the Cache: Shut down the console.
  • Unplug and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Restart the console back again.
  • Verify files : Verify all the game files on steam.
  • Launch Steam on your device.
  • right-click on the game icon.
  • On the drop-menu click on “Properties”
  • Select the “Local Files”
  • Click on “Verify Integrity”
  • Steam takes over and completely checks and verifies the integrity of all the files.

if you are using Wi-Fi to launch the game, try not to use it for a while. Wi-Fi is not entirely stable when compared to direct line connection. Battlefield 2042 requires a very stable internet connection to launch and properly progress through the game. and last but not least always make sure the game is whitelisted on Windows Firewall.

These are the possible fixes that we could put together and after all the fixes, if the game still shows the issue “error 15-7a”, you will have to wait for an official update from Dice and the developers to release a fix.  and do not worry there are so many updates that are being released for the game. A recent update was released Thursday as well.

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